109 not reliable enough! I need a 100% reliable writer! what should I buy?

Opinions please? Im in the UK if that helps?


Nothing is 100% reliable. The BenQ 1640 received excellent reviews but read the forums and you’ll learn many have had problems.
I’m happy with my PIONEER 110-D and BENQ 1640 but my expectations are less than yours.
And no, it doesn’t help that you’re in the UK.

So whatst the nearest to 100%?

I must echo the fact that no writer will be perfect. However, I can second the recommendation of a BenQ1640, as I have one [and I’ve been very impressed by its quality burns], and have used a Pioneer DVR-108 and Plextor 716a and not been impressed by the Pioneer and not as impressed as I could have been with the Plextor 716a. A good friend of mine that has one (and he has burned a lot of different media on it [7 different mids] and runs a lot of burn quality tests, so I know he knows what he’s talking about) says that a Liteon 1693S is also a very good choice.

yep i agree with both comments. Benqs are good, well i have the 1620pro and its not failed me yet (fingerscrossed) and my mate has the 1640 and he said its the best one hes had yet. i just got a pioneer 110-d today aswell, so far so good. Liteons are good for a number of reasons, id recommend a liteon too. Benq/Pioneer/Liteon/NEC