109 disc quality test on MCC004

109 is already avialable in Hong Kong and is selling at HK$730.

A HongKong forum has a post on the disc quality test of 109 with firmware 1.01.

Test on T02

supports 6X +R DL

Is it still workng in Z-CLV format at 12x & 16x??? :a

Yes, too bad to use Z-CLV.

Disappointing. Maybe it’s the media…

If it’s still using Z-CLV…then it’s going to be a huge disappointment.
I was expecting them to use CAV this time round…
Well…too bad…Strikes off A09 on his Want To Buy list

I just got a DVR-A09XL from Best Buy. It came with v1.00 firmware. I noticed doorqyu has firmware v1.01? Hope that comes out for downlaod soon.

@dtog, you should change your sig. :wink:

If it’s still using Z-CLV … I’m not gonna buy it, that’s for sure. :frowning:

The thing is, look at this: http://www.pioneeraus.com.au/computer/dvdwriters/dvr109/ It says “CAV”. Something is not right (write!) here? Next firmware fix it maybe? I got v1.00

Errr, look again in the write speeds it says nothing about the modes used, it says CAV for read speeds ('cept for DVD-RAM).

Well, thta looks an ugly graph to me! Arghhhhhhh!
Also, take a closer look at teh graph. You’ll see that they’re already using firmware 1.01…

Weird hein?..

Hmm, not fantastic for a 12x burn. Maybe firmware will help, and maybe allow CAV also?

No it says CAV even for 8x and 12x which is a bit strange, it should be PCAV in that case:

  • DVD-R 1X, 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X*, 12X*, 16X*
  • DVD+R 2.4X, 4X, 6X, 8X*, 12X*, 16X*
    Writing Formats: # ZCLV, * CAV

The Japanese press release also mentions CAV but only for 16x speed (no indication what 8x and 12x use):

So much confuson an the drive is only in the market for 2-3 days… It doesn’t look good…
I guess i’ll stick with my A06 for now.

An A08 is WAY better than an A06 :slight_smile: But it is looking like the A08 and A09 are the same, basically, with the “ability” to do DVD-R DL in a later firmware. (at 6X, too). Almost forgot, the A09 is about an inch shorter the the older Pioneers, and about 4mm longer than the Lite-Ons. This is good when you have a tight case or a tight external enclosure.

The worst thing is that it only burn at 12X for a 16X media MCC004 which is available in the market for a period of time.

I know that. But right now my 106 is performing really good, and the fact is that i really dont need a bether drive.
DL media is still too expensive and it’s true that i can save around 8-10 minutos on each burn, but i’d rather wait a little more and when i upgrade my drive i upgrade to lot bether drive and not just one that burns faster.

At this point Plextor 716 is my main option but far from being perfect. I’l just wait a little more.


Looks like my early “pre-judging” of the drive may come true :frowning:

Still Z-CLV and garbage media compatibility? Not even MCC 004 supported at 16x? :Z

chef - any comments now?

Yup. This is the first one I’ve seen so far but I will not bet on it.
The 109/A09XL with PCAV is a must - I think everyone will agree by that.

Mine has not yet arrived - so I cannot give any prooved info.

Sorry for the misleading reply.

As you can see the pics, it works in Z-CLV at 12X.

thanks for pointing that out jsl, (I missed the carated stuff right up at the top!) :o:

@dtog, my apologies guy!