109 Conked Out, Which To Get Now... 111 or 1650

My 109XLC has conked out on me. It try’s to read then you here a conk then it try’s again but then you here a conk and keeps doing this for a couple of minutes. So im ether going to get the pioneer 111 or the benq 1650, first of whats the difference between the 111 and the 111D apart from the D not doing Ram are there any other difference burn quality wish ?? i would guess the 111 is better then the 111D as on pioneers web site the 111 has the same firmware as the A11 and the 111D has different firmware. I have read the review for the 111 and the review said excellent write quality on most dvd media. I use TY X8 -R media, i dont use +R apart from DL’s and i use my lite-on for those. Im ONLY interested in -R burn quality being top notch and from the scan in the review the burn results on TY X8 -R is very similar to what i get with the 109XLC which i really like.
Now with the benq i know the 1640 was highly praised and the review was very good, but apart from the 1640 dont know much about any other benq’s.

Apart from the lite-on i’ve only used pioneer dvd burners.

Whats your opinion ?? at the mo im leaning towards the 111.