109 burns working -RW but not -R (?)



Pioneer DVR-109 v1.40, Nero, RecordNow Max 4.5 w/PX

Still having problems with DVD-R burns. No errors during burn but about halfway through playing disc on my two settops, video starts hanging and giving digital artifacts (like satelite TV during bad storm). Burn exactly the same project to an old Pioneer DVD-RW (1x) that came with my A04 drive three years ago and play is great, no problems at all. I’ve tried DVD-Rs from three different suppliers using discs from the same spindles that worked for my old A04 (BeAll DVD-R 4x, Memorex DVD-R 4x, and Verbatim). I was getting working DVD-Rs using RNM but not since flashing FW from v1.09 to v1.4. :sad:

Why would the -RW disc work when the -Rs don’t? (I’m going to try +Rs as soon as I can get a couple from a friend.)


I don’t have any problems with -R media, just take look at my FUJIFILM03 scan over the 1.04 FW thread.
BTW get rid of that BeAll 4X media, it will lose data after a couple of playbacks. :a


I got some Sony DVD+R 4x discs and burned one. It played with no troubles.

I’ve seen quite a few posted scans but frankly these don’t mean much to me. Can you list the different discs you (and others) have tested and rank them, best to worst, or point me to such a listing (I know I’ve seen a list of recommended media for the 109 but can’t find it now). How do Verbatim DVD-R 8x rank? Any recommendations for inkjet hub printable media?


I don’t use printable media, so no recommendations for that.
Verbatim 8X -R is pretty good with all burners, so no risk at all. If you use brands like Maxell, Verbatim, Fuji, Philips, TDK, etc. there won’t be much trouble.
Right now I use the Buffalo 8.40 FW and prefer +R media with bitsetting (Fuji 8X +R is very good even at 12X).
I have only had problems burning SONY branded and SONY MID 8X -R media so far. But maybe it’s because my 109 is in an external enclosure.


Just got new Verbatim 8x inkjet hub printable DVD-R media in and burned (using Nero) a dozen discs with no play problems at all! Guess this new drive just dosen’t like older 4x media at all. (Anyone interested in buying 100+ mixed DVD-R 4x dsics?)