109 arrived, interesting supplemental info sheet



I just got my 109 from BigPockets. It had some info sheets with it, as you might expect. Nothing new.

BUT… There is a “supplemental information” sheet which says

. Dual Layer DVD-R – 2x, 4x
. Double Layer DVD+R – 2.4x, 4x

(arrow on sheet to…)

. Dual Layer DVD-R – 2x, 4x, 6x
. Double Layer DVD+R – 2.4x, 4x, 6x

(The BOLD text is on their sheet)

Comments here please!


6x DL burning


It’s nothing new, really…

Why dont you go here.


The chart you refer to does not show the 6x for Dual Layer / Double Layer, which is shown in my info leaflet.


Ver. 1.40 change point:

Readability by some of Pioneer Car Navigation systems and some of DVD-ROM drives is improved for the written DVD-R and DVD-RW discs by DAO(Direct-At-Once) method
Support DVD-R DL Media (6x writing: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation(Verbatim)) (2x writing: DVD-R DL Media of other than Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation )
Support New 16x DVD-R Media (12x writing – FFuji Film/Prodisc/MBI/RITEK)
Support New +R 16x Media (12x writing – FRicoh/RITEK/Optodisc/DAXON)
Support New +R 8x Media (8x writing:Intermedia/DAXON/Infodisc/Infomedia /LEADDATA/Optodisc/Philips)
DVD Writability has improved
DVD Readability has improved
CD-R/RW Writability has improved

Official FW version history


I don’t think you have completely read it :slight_smile:

[i]The drive will offer DVD-R Dual Layer compatibility through a firmware upgrade once the DVD-R Dual Layer specification has been officially approved by the DVD Forum. The write speed for selected DVD-R Dual Layer and +R Double Layer media types can also be increased to 6X through this firmware upgrade.

The +RW Alliance is now finalising the +RW 8X format and the product can be enhanced to support this media through a firmware upgrade once the +RW 8X specification has been officially approved by the +RW Alliance.

What you got there is just an info sheet on a firmware upgrade, man :wink: Simply put: Your drive came with the upgraded firmware version that supports 6X DL speed.


Bought my Pio in February, Same leafleet was included, I think the 6X DL for both +/- are planned since a whille but anyway better have too much info than too little :iagree:


Out the box with 1.17 and now 1.40 nero info tools shows DL for both -/+