109/109 review



wanted you to see this. Below is a link to a CDRLabs review.

wrote:"No wonder the 109 didnt do well in your tests, its a ata 66 / udma4 drive and this is now stated on the box and in the manual, you must use 80core cable to get full speed out it, if you had it installed on pc with ata33/udma2 it may have been slower."**

Pioneer DVR-A09XL 16x DVD±RW

This is mail i sent about the review on the new pioneer drive as they installed it as a UDMA33 (in their own words) prob mean ata 33 and udma2.

I got the reply at top but link wont open, page cant be displayed.

Can anyone here try link and see what they got to say about this.

sorry about mixed up format, but thats the way it came to my mail addy.


Use this link instead.



Thanks, but i have read full review, hense i mailed them about the wrong udma setting and that was mail i got back with some other URL, that i cant so far load.

I submise its to try show me something to do with my query, but i dont see how as the drives states on box and in manual use 80core and get it ton ata 66 / udma4 mode.


Those guys are no slouches. I’m sure they had the proper IDE cable installed. The review was pretty positive in my opinion.


Well they obv not that good if the drive was in ata 33 / udma 2mode and they cant even give the correct term for that.


I think its just a typo… you can’t write at 16x using ata33/udma 2… Cut them a little slack… they do great work…


no probs but try arguing that when 108 was new all noobs fought in here as we told them it was speced as a ata 66 udma 4 drive and they said it ran fine at ata 33 udma 2, which it could for some peeps cause 16x is only above 22,000KB and ata 33 is 33,000KB sec approx.

Still at least Pioneer make it plain nowdays.




Yes its plain to see, either a bad typo or they had drive running bellow pioneers spec.


It was a typo… nothing more.

humeyboy, I’m not sure who you emailed about this, but I don’t think it was any of us. I’d hope that the guys I work with could at least type the website URL correctly. :wink:


Thanks Ian. :slight_smile:

Review is now updated.