108BK or 109BK?



Hi guys,

I am in a biiig hurry, and I need to know which one of these 2 drives I should buy. I like very much the Pioneer 108BK (the black version), but i doesn’t support the DVD DL - burning standard, and also a few other burning speeds (32x instead of 40x for CD-R). His brother, the 109BK is very good at reading and burning, but I heard (and seen) that it has got a few problems with reading CD’s. 108BK reads practically everything (some friends of mine say that). Also it is said that if you insert a broken CD into it, the mecanism starts to emit a strange noise and it fails to read it, while in the 108BK it works fine (it reads it). I am sure all of you guys know this :wink: Anyway, if it was a disscusion about this, please post in the link, it will be a great help…

BTW, I heard also that 109BK/D models are produced with cheap technology. Is that true?

All the best, Dorian :slight_smile:


Go with the DVR-109 as its A: Newer, B: will have longer support from Pioneer, C: supports DVD-R DL (if a big deal to you), higher burning speeds on most media. :slight_smile:


That’s one opinion. Come on guys, I need more opinions before i make up my mind. dtog, how is your Pioneer 109 serving you (saw it in your signature)? Is the 1.40 firmware right for it, and does it work as nearly as 108 + 1.20? Just for mentioning, it’s not a big deal with DL dvd’s, because i don’t know even if i’ll use it for that purpose, but just in case i want to have anything i need for future use in my DVR…


I haven’t owned a 108 but I have the A09. I have had no problems with my drive. I think I have made one coaster out of 150 to 200 dvd burns(nero froze on me :frowning: ). Just use good quality media and the 109 will be great.

There were alot of issues when the 109 first came out but Pioneer has done a good job of releasing firmwares to fix the problems.

IMO there are no major flaws or problems with the 109. I get great quality burns with my A09. Quality means more to me than speed.

So get the 109~!


About nero: Don’t use version with 1.14 or 1.18 firmware on 108d - it kills cds. The works perfectly fine. Anyway guys, today I am going to a friend to see the 108D and if I like it, I will buy it. If not, I am going blindfolded for the 109D…

Thanks for your support, if you got anything else to say, please do!


I owned Pioneer 108… It worked flawlessly and I give-it to a friend of mine just because it writes at only 4x on +RW media but now he is as happy as I was… the modified firmware allowed me to burn any shitty media at 8x with acceptable results but more important it burned medium-quality media very well and fast.


Go with the 109; I sold my 108 and went with the 109 a few weeks ago. So far so good since it has yet to burn a coaster, whether it be a CD or DVD. Plus it will have more support from Pioneer since it’s their latest drive right now.


OK guys, I’ve decided: It’s 109BK. But what about it’s problems? I heard it’s not working very good when reading broken CD’s while the 108 it’s working perfectly… It’s not a big deal anyway, I have Teac 40X (the best CDR ever), it’s reading even DVD’s (just a joke) :slight_smile:


I have yet to experience any issues with my 109, whether it be CD or DVD related, but either way, I have my Lite-On Combo drive to do all my reading and CD writing, my 109 is strictly a DVD writer, that’s why I have a seperate drive for everything else.


Maybe you are using quality DVD’s and CD’s, and that why you haven’t got issues with it. Anyway, I’ll go for it…

All the best!


Well, mostly; the cheapest discs I use regularly are either the BenQ (Daxon AZ2) 8x +R media or my Ritek G05’s. For CDs, I use RiData 52x CD-Rs…
Good media is either TYG02, TYG03, YUDENT0002 or MXLRG03, I’ve got stacks of these disks…


Taio Yuden are the best media in the world :wink: And that is widely known. Anyway I use Verbatim media (DVD’s) or Princo (CD’s). They do nicely the job, especially Princo. I don’t know what issues you’ve got with them. Verbatim pastel are also good CD’s (to me).

About pioneer: Decied to buy it, found the price, about 70~75~80 euros. Nice huh? When I get it, I will comment on it…


Well guys, I’ve bought it, and i have no objections on it. Well i have but just one :frowning: It reads DVD’s and CD’s slower than my Pioneer 119s DVD reader. The burning it’s great, CD’s are readable (and fast) in all drives that i tested). I am using Verbatim DVD’s 4x (Tayio Yuden are making them). I haven’t tried any other, but i soon as i will, i will say how it does the burning and reading.

All the best, Dorian


The 109 is riplocked ( around 4X). It can be cross-flashed into an A09 for faster ripping (closer to 12X) and quieter operation.


What do you mean by that? It reads my DVD’s faster or what then?


Basically, if you plan on ripping/backing up your own movies, then the A09 firmware will rip/read the DVD at upto 12x, if you do it with the 109 firmware, it will do it upto 4x.


The 109 has a better spec than the 108, not surprisingly, but a lot of people were let down badly by the general quality of the drive. Not what was expected of typical Pioneer quality.

On that note, I decided to get an NEC3520 myself… which runs on Liggys hacked firmware and does a grand job :smiley:


Guys, can you just post me the link to download the new 1.50B firmware, i am just too lazy to search it right now :stuck_out_tongue: ? Is that the official one or just another hacked version?


You’ll find it here


This was a beta firmwre which Pioneer in Taiwan posted, perhaps by mistake. It has been pulled from the site. Those who have installed it don’t notice any difference from the 1.40; but then no one knows what it was meant to provide—possibly support for new media… but which?


I have found and installed 1.50B standard already, thanks anyway for the post. What does Enhaced XL do? Is it the firmware for the A09 drive? I have 109Bk, just for info :slight_smile: