108 writes 8x dvd-r media @ 4x

I just got a 108 flahed to firmware 1.14 I am using eproformance 8x dvd-r disc wit prodiscs04 media code. they only burn at 4x, but if i put them into my liteon 812s the they burn at 8x. the pioneer is secondary master alone and dma is enabled. Any suggestions?

Yes it does burn them at 4x its a firmware issue. However it should burn eProformance DVD+R media (ProdiscR03) at 8x.

My friends 108 is burning them @ 8x but he has the prinable version, don’t know if they have the same media code as the non printable surface.

Prodisc has been shipping lots of different media codes for their 8x media (ProdiscS04, ProdiscF01, and MCC 02RG20; there may even be another). So yeah, have your friend check the codes on his discs.

The printable version is ProdiscF01 which works at 8x.

I’ve heard of people getting MCC for the printables too.

I have printable prodiscs04 and the pioneer 108 with the latest firmware 1.14.
I can still only burn at 4X.