108 will only burn at 4x no matter what speed the media is

I have had a DVR-108 since early this year & it has always worked fine.
Now though it will only burn at 4x this is with lots of different burning software. It always lists speeds higher & i always pick speeds higher but the burn will always stop at 4x.

Anyone have any idea whats up? its really annoying to buy 16x discs & have them take nearly 15 mins to burn.

the current media i am using are bulkpaq. this is them.

but the previous discs i had which were 8x would only write at 4x too. cant remember what they were though…

You have tried with what exact media?

How many different burning apps are installed and which one are they?

the media is linked in previous post.

installed apps are:
& a programme called divx to dvd has built in software.

thx for the quick reply chef

Which firmware are you using ?

Welcome :slight_smile:
Run the burst rate test of cdspeed. You need a disk with some data in the drive to run the test. I am not shure what it will exactly display on a 108 drive, but should display at least 23 MB/sec. If it is alot lower, your drive is not running in UDMA2 mode.
Check the DMA settings of your drive.

Are you using an 80 core IDE cable?, as your 108 needs this.

i have uninstalled a few burning programmes & i have just left dvd decrypter & nero. after doing this i can now successfully burn at 12x but not 16x still. IDE cable is fine & DMA is enabled.

I suppose 12x is better than 4x but it would still be nice to be running at full speed :frowning:

Thanks for your help guys

It´s very hard to find media that the 108 will burn 16x. But stay with 12x, it is only a few seconds slower (really?) and provide better quality

Very true. Since the 108 writes in Z-CLV at the higher speeds you’ll only be writing the last few hundred megabytes of data at 16x. And in most cases the error rate increased exponentially. Stick with 12x or lower and it’s a great drive. Mine’s burning right now…