108 test



how do i get my 108 to work with the cd dvd disk quality test?
it has the start button greyd out!


there is a way to alter the registery that allows it but you’ll either have to do a search for it or wait for somebody to tell you (because i have no fci*g clue), however the 108 makes a poor judge of media quality so the best you can hope for is a Nero CDSpeed transfer rate test to judge quality


ah i see
what is good then
a lite on dvdrw?


For Liteon anything from the 451S series and above is fine the older x11S series are pretty mediocre scanners at best, the BenQ 1620 is also a favorite as not only is it a good scanner but a good burner, they’ve just brought out a new 1640 which im sure is also capable of scanning, also an area i have little knowledge of is plextor that make atleast one DVDRW capable of scanning, but you will need to look into that for yourself.