108 test resault so bad?

Hi, I’m a new 108 user, I’ve got some problems about it and can anyone help me out?
1.I burned a DVD video with TDK 4X DVD-R(TYG01), and here’s the resault with CD-Speed 3.61:
A. In Lite-on 16X dvd-rom, PI Avg26.1(Max 118),PIF Avg1.42(Max4), speed at 8.81X and time for 9m15s.
B. In 108(1.18), PI Avg95.48(Max 638),PIF Avg0.39(Max7), speed at 4.98X and time for 15m12s.
Why the resault in Lite-on is better and faster than 108?
Why 108 always test around 4X? Is it the rip speed limited?
Is the TDK DVD-r not suitable for my 108?

Here’re my PC: 108 with firmware 1.18, set as sec. master and DMA is on.
DVD video image on HDD.


It is tough to compare PI/PIF graphs from a LiteOn DVD-ROM drive or a 108 drive.
Repeated scans on the same disc can vary significantly even on the same drive.
I think your burns are most likely absolutely fine.
The Averages on the DVD-ROM look very good even though they might be cryptic or not easily interpretted (if at all)…

Thanks for reply me, but I used to burn the tdk with lite-on 812s and get pi/pif around 20/0.5, and also, the resault in 108 is always better than anyother dvd-roms, this is the first time 108 get higher pi/pif than others drive.
For details test before:
4X DVD-r burned by Lite-on 812s and tested with cd-speed 3.61
PI Avg. PIF Avg.
Lite-on 16X dvd: 536 10.42
Benq 1620: 967.7 23.29
108: 266.7 1.4
and in DVD info pro:
PI Avg. PIF Avg.
Lite-on 16X dvd: 132 6.1
Benq 1620: 193 6.1
108: 61 6.1

as you can see, the 108 always get much lower PI/PIF than the others.
That’s the thing I can’t understand.

PI/PIF scan results from the 108 are said to be inconsistent, uncompareable and inconclusive according to many users. ( I have not been scanning with it myself ).