108 Stops Burning in Decrypter



Everytime that I try to burn an ISO image from Decrypter the burn speed goes from the selected speed and burns normally. But then at 10% (or so) the burn speed goes down to 0.0x and stays there indefinitely. Then I have to reboot the computer to stop the program.

I’ve tried this on different media, DVD-R Taiyo Yuden (8x), DVD-R RytekG05, and on a 4x Rytek DVD+RW and this happens to them all every time.

I’m burning with a Pioneer 108 and I’ve tried it with firmware version 1.18 and 1.20.

They funny thing is, if I burn the disc at 8x then this (generally) doesn’t happen, and the disc burns all the way through. But I always like to burn my movies at 4x and then the image always stops burning at 10%.

I have burn ISO images with Decryptor in the past without any problems, but recently I haven’t been able to burn with Decryptor. Although I can burn fine with Nero for some reason.

I thought that this problem would go away with a format and re-install of Windows XP, but even with a clean install I still have this problem.

I’m running the lastest version of Decryptor. DMA is on and working properly. I’m using an 80-pin cable.

Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this problem?



At lower speeds like 4x the drive doesn’t need to shift up the burning speed at approx. 10%. So this looks like a media/connection/drive problem.
Or maybe the PSU is too weak.

I’ve no such problems here.


Is there any reason why my drive would work fine in Nero, but is unable to burn in decryptor?