108 recording problem

I have just installed my new pioneer 108 dvr drive, but im having trouble recording dvd+, dvd- and cdr’s, I can write to dvd/rw and cd/rw ok, I have tried 5 diferent dvd copying programs ,nero, clone dvd, copy x copy, ive updated to the latest firmware “1.14”, and I have tried diferent media, but I still get the same problem, please can someone help me as it’s costing me a fortune in blank dvd’s.

I am having trouble with EAC. I am unable to write CDR discs using EAC with DVR-108.

Any suggestions?

BEARIO: use Nero CD/DVD Speed to read your disks using your Pioneer and, preferably, a DVD-ROM drive not from Pioneer itself, then posts your results here (the program has an option to save them to .PNG image files). It comes with Nero, if you haven’t it get it from here.

My problem is the following: my DVD-ROM drive (LG DRD-8160B) can not recognize the disk correctly (many and many retries are needed) and always report an uncorrectable error at the end of the disk. Only the burner can read the disk flawlessly. My scans: