108 Issues



Hooked up the bare drive (no CD with it) and XP saw the Pioneer 108. tried firming (138551417DVR108_FW110) to 1.10 got error message “available target not found”. Other strangeness: In ‘My Computer’ the drive lists as a CDrom. I put a blank Verbatim DL in and tried to explore and it won’t allow it. It doesn’t appear to be the media asl it won’t allow access to others either. I tried Memorex 8x-R media. I am wondering if its a Sonic DLA thing. This Dell came with Sonic. I have another Dell with a 708 and Sonic and had issues. A Plextor technician has confirmed that Plextor has issues with Sonic’s DLA. Any thoughts.

Dell P4 3.0 HT 1.5GigRam
XP Pro SP2
Pioneer 108 linked with Teac DvW58E both Cable Select
Maxtor 250GB SATA
Sonic OEM
Nero 6
DVD Decrypt 3.5.1
DVD Shrink 3.2


My 108 is detected as a cdrom in my computer as well until i put in a dvd movie. So thats ok. Also mine wont let me explore a blank dvd. My drive works ok otherwise


Any particular reason why you are using Cable Select?

Therein could lie your problem.


My drive plays DVD’s just fine. I also successfully ripped Whale Rider using Decrypt and Shrink and Nero 6 to burn it, so it seems to function.

Geofmann I will try tonight making 108 the master and Teac the slave.



switched 108 to massah and Teac to slave and still same strangeness


Dunno what else to try, that was only a pluck to see if it made any difference.



It seems your 108 is OEM virsion. That error message occur using mismatched firmwares.

You can get a drive information by DVRFlash v2.0. In windows commamd prompt(DOS window), run as follows. X is the drive letter of 108.

DVRFlash -v X:

Please post the result.




Sounds like you tried to flash the firmware while you were in WinXP. This doesn’t work for some computers - like mine.
Get 2 floppies:
1st floppy format using “Create as MS-DOS startup disk”
2nd floppy format as regular floppy and put the upgrade and firmware files on it.
Boot from startup floppy, when done, put in 2nd floppy and run the firmware software.


Turkey: Negatory. Found Pioneer-AU site and flashed to 1.10 no problem. Then went to Pioneer-Japan and firmed to 1.14, again no prob. Whats up with the Analog only output on the 108? What good is an Audigy card?


Hi there.

I just bought a PX-712A, and would like to let you know that this drive also doesnt allow you to put a blank disc and explore it. Its OK dont worry :slight_smile:

I have several issues with this drive. The most important, which is a pity for Plextor, is that it fails to write low to media quality disc. It only likes to write on expensive discs such as TY, Verbatim and Maxell.

Thats why I will thinking seriously to buy a Pioneer108.

Can you please let me know if 108 will allow overspeeding discs, and if it features error reporting?

Also will it write a 8X disc within 8 minutes, or like Nec 3500 :rolleyes: you will write a disc at 8X over 10 min and 12X at 10 minutes? :bigsmile:



Congratulations! :slight_smile:
Your drive was a standard 108(“GENERAL”) certainly. I’d checked the firmware that it is proper for x08XL(“PIO_ADV”). I think pioneer US mistook upload the file, because they currently swapped for a correct firmware 114EU. You are going to get a firmware for next version from US.

Whats up with the Analog only output on the 108? What good is an Audigy card?

Yes, there is no S/PDIF output. But, you don’t need additional cables, because we use digital playback for audioCD.




There’s limited media that can currently be burned over rated speed with the stock firmware but there is currently a beta hack firmware that allows overspeeding -R and a +R hack is coming soon (both from Nil).

For +R, RICOHJPNR02 8X will burn at 12X and YUDEN000-T02 8X will burn at 12X and 16X.

The 108 burns 8X in 8:00, 12X in 7:00 which is why I replaced my 2500 with it instead of going with the 3500 which is no faster at 6x and 8x than the 2500. At 8X, it starts at 6X and goes to 8X at 8%. 12x starts the same but goes to 12x at 44-45%. The 3500 is evidently about 15-20 sec faster at 12X and ~1:00 faster at 16X but ~1:40 slower at 8X.



Thanks anonabcd :wink:


Your welcome. I probably should have mentioned that FujiFilm 8X +R made in Taiwan appear to currenty be RICOHJPNR02 and the ones made in Japan are YUDEN000-T02. Fry’s has a good deal on them. Best Buy has an even better deal on the FujiFilm 8x -R and the made in Japan are also reported to be excellant TY. There are threads on both versions in the media forum here.

The +R YUDEN000-T02 yield 8x burns in 8:00 on the 108. I’ve also seen 12x in 7:00 although some seem to drop back to 8x at 90-95% which adds 10-20 sec but still are good burns.