108 help please, im new

hi guys, i have searched this up but it doesnt make sence to me…
like others my burning is very slow, iam using Nero and dispite is saying 8x it takes >30 mins to burn a DVD

I dont understand the terminology…
from my understanding the SiS? somethings make dvd burning slower…
i have a Soltek SL-FRN2-RL motherboard which is NFORCE 2, does that mean it isnt SiS?

I dont know what the problem is… it burns cds fine and reads dvd fine but it burns slowly…

I have it connected to an IDE cable… …

would a FULL FORMAT of windows help the problem???


You dont have to reformat windows, its just appears to be a DMA problem, when it burns slowly. Since you havent stated which version of windows you’re using, try this. Control Panel, open System Icon, on the hardware tab will be device manager, look under ide controllers and check that the dvd drive is in dma mode, the 108 if you use an 80cable will be udma4, if a 40cable udma2.

However it depends where you have the pioneer pluged in, does that motherboard not support raid? or is that another version it.

As for manufaturer, it is branded sis, but the motherboard layout is a nforece 2. Head to the nvidia web site and download an updated driver for ide, nvida drivers are generic so they work for all nforce motherboards, or try the Soltek website for any updated drivers.

oops, Forgot there was this on the main page: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616

Hmm yes you mobo aint SIS and NF, there both chipsets 1 is by SIS and other by Nvidia and can be on any number of manu’s of mobos like Abit or Asus. if its true you got NF1 or 2 get to nivida site and dl Nforce drivers for mobo this contains new nvidia SW drives for eide,as MS driver are slow on these mobos, so were the nvidia ones till lately, ive had slow ripping on this mobo since new till recently after moving from via chips, which were fine on MS eide drivers.

I give you a tip, the current nforce drivers got a bug that can stop pc booting if any eide device is connected, its pure luck if it works or not and its random at install if it goes through, but the new beta drivers sort and sounds is best ive heard on soundstorm so far although i normally use my audigy 2ZS.

Anyhow i not go on to much incase you not got NFORCE, but here is info,


They went straight on for me if you dowload later link in posts, not the leaked ones modded by some group.

Good Luck

ok, i updated the nforce drivers
it worked for my first burn after i restarted the comp, but this mornign wen i tried it didnt work! it was slow again!

here is wat it was set on before

and now its on

shud i change it to ultra DMA 4???
thanks guys

Install a 80 column cable and it should change it’s self to udma 4, dvr-108 on master.


i dont know what an 80 column cable is, does it still go in the IDE channel on the mobo?

yes, it is an IDE cable that has 80 cores rather than 40. just replace it but remember to make the dvr-108 master on that cable.


thank you, i shall try that :slight_smile:

This cable will fit anyway, all IDE cables have a 40 pin connector.