108 fw upgraded... the last!

Hi guys…
I’m the nx4all by Nil right now… are there any updates??

thanks a lot :cop:

Which version? His most recent is 1.14. The most recent official code is 1.18. Gradius has patched 1.18 code for RPC-1 and removal of rip lock.

thanks a lot…
but i think that the last gradius version 1.18 has the writing speed locked.
i need it forced to 8x 12x 16x… :slight_smile:

That’s correct. You’ll have to be nice to Gradius if you want to see nx4all 1.18 firmware, I sincerely doubt >NIL: will be patching it.

Why should another nx4all come? No real sense for it anymore.

Look at 4x and 8x prices and you’ll know why…

>NIL is retiring from firmware patching at the end of the month, but has said there might be a patched 1.18 before then. Fingers crossed

Is Grad’s firmware based on the PioData bitsetting firmware?



Flash the Piodata DVR-108DX FW and enjoy.