108 cd burning woes

I am having major problems burning CDs with my new 108. When I try to burn a disc-at-once cd via Nero the project is not finalized correctly, resulting in a disc that doesnt play correctly in some players (for example, my honda accord). When I burn the same disc in Roxio, the resulting CD seems to work fine but it only burns at ~8x instead of the selected 32x. I have also noticed that 32x burns in Nero take about twice as long on the 108 than they do with my Lite-On CDR (same computer). I have tried 3 different brands of media (Memorex, Imation, Princo)

I have tried updating the firmware to 1.18, replacing the IDE cable (80pin of course), removing the other CDR drive, etc. None of this seems to improve the situation. Right now the drive is on the primary IDE controller as Master (my hds are sata). Any ideas what else I should try before I give up and order the NEC 3500? I was running the Pioneer 105 before this “upgrade” and never had any problems from it.


replacing the IDE cable (80pin of course), removing the other CDR drive, etc. None of this seems to improve the situation

Sounds like what Ive been going thru with the NEC 3500A (on my second defective one), Its burning incompatible CD-R’s for playback in other cdrom players (plays back fine in the 3500). I was thinkin of spending the extra bucks for this Pioneer drive but after reading this forum Im at a loss of which 16x drive to choose that has the highest compat for media and both cdr/dvd’.

maybe this will all be fixed after a few firmware updates…lol

very strange isn’t it!

I have spent the last few weeks trying to sort out issues with the newest LG dvd burner. It won’t read/burn any DVD’s at all, but will read/write CD fine. It was replaced under warranty and the replacement did the same thing. We began to suspect that it wan’t the burner but the computer config, and spent endless hours experimenting with DMA settings, drivers, software, firmware, and burning numerous different brand disks. Finally the reseller replaced the second burner again for a third unit and the third works fine with exactly identical system setup. So don’t dismiss the chance of your burner being faulty. DVD burners are a bit hit and miss. If they work they work, if not, they will give you some frustrating grief. If you get a good one you probably will never have an issue with it, but a bad one will leave you wondering whether it’s your computer or the burner. From my experience, consider the burner to be faulty first!!