108 BK vs 108AXL(BXL,EXL)

What is different between Pioneer DVR-108 Bk and Pioneer DVR-108AXL(BXL,EXL) ?

108BK is a bulk (OEM) 108 in black the 108XL is the retail version which has different features, Quiet Drive Utility, Honeycomb Top, the XL models use a different firmware form the bulk 108’s.

Also look at this thread so you can see the difference



What drive is better?

Out the box the Axl as it does 12 ripping anf the 108 needs modded firmware, i would expect 16x but i read drive was slated to be a 12x writer till near launch, not sure if true, all other aspects like nice front sound dampening honeycomb top, and noise canceling firmware dont make it any faster, infact last aspect is slower.