108 and AOPC

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I’ve had a Pioneer 108 for sometime now, and have a question about it.

My NEC 3520 features AOPC, which allows it to adjust the write speed in the case of poor media that can’t support high speed burning (simplified explanation).

I’ve also read that this feature is common to most new 16x burners. My question is, does this also apply to my 108? :confused:

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For the spec for the 108XL click HERE

I take it that means yes :confused:


I read the info, but all that I could find that maybe relevant is Precision Recording Technology. Is this the same as AOPC, as it talks about DVD-RW? :confused:

Mega confused :confused: :confused: :confused:

The Pioneer DVR-108 has a different OPC algorithm compared to the DVR-109. The Pioneer DVR-109 actually stops at multiple pre-defined points on every burn to recalibrate the laser. The DVR-108 doesn’t recalibrate except at Z-CLV upshift points, but does have a system that makes minor corrections to the laser power throughout a burn. You’ll see this in Nero CD-DVD Speed in the form of continuously fluctuating (albeit slightly) transfer speeds when writing a disc.