108 and A08 Fw1.19 Released

New firmware for DVR 108 version 1.19 can be found here http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pio/pe/images/portal/cit_3424/223382088DVR108_FW119EU.exe
Firmware update version 1.19 adds 8X writing support for 8X media from InfoMedia, Kingdisc, and NSD

New firmware for DVRA08XL version 1.19 can be found here http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pio/pe/images/portal/cit_3424/223382085DVRA08AXL_FW119.exe
Firmware Update versoin 1.19 adds 8X writing support for 8X media from InfoMedia, Kingdisc, and NSD

I bet most will stick with 1.18 firmwares. Too little to upgrade to and lose all the firmware hacks. :frowning:

As long as Piodata releases this firmware, I’m upgrading! :slight_smile: I just want bitsetting, that’s the only hack I require. Was thinking Pioneer was never going to release any more firmware for the 108.

I was the same way with a08xl I have , still any fw is nice even with out bitsetting

pioneer a08xl 1.19
mid=prodiscF01 8x
speed3.75 create data disk 7:54

scanning drive plextor 716a at 5x alex noe’s program

Pioneer DVR-108 fw 1.19
RITEKG05 8x @ 12x
Scanned with LiteOn 812S@832S

Thanks for the quick link IceBerg :slight_smile:

Sadly, this firmware version (and 1.18) will not allow me to burn my TYG03’s at anything faster than 12x. The first true 16x media that I get my hands on and I can’t burn it that fast… :frowning:

I guess what everybody wants to know is if it’s an improvement in writing quality over 1.18?

The 108 burns quicker at 12x than 16x anyway Eluder, according to everything I’ve read. I haven’t looked into it lately though, since it won’t jump to 16x until past 4g anyway it’s of little interest to me.


Probably true, but apparently burning disks at anything other than their rated speed is generally of lower quality, even slowing things down. Unless someone out there can correct me on this?

is there a changelog anywhere for this firmware? i just got an email from pioneer informaing me of the update (well, i probably got it days ago but i haven’t checked for a while…) but there was no changelog given - just a link to the disclaimer and a download. the utility itself comes with no documentation whatsoever.

is it just a few more disc types in the database? what a letdown. i was expecting -R DL support or bitsetting :):slight_smile:

There have been post about 1.19 here before theis new thread was made, and YES correct, just few new media added or improved, there was changelog in url with FW.

You can look in here somewhere for it if you choose.

The PioData site (http://www.piodata.com/taiwan/downloads.htm) seems hopelessly out of date. They only list FW1.14 :frowning:
I’m waiting PioData…

The North American (I think?) piodata site has 1.18, but I’m also waiting for 1.19, it’d be nice to have the latest firmware AND bitsetting.


If someone can trace writing improvements on actual media - it should worth the upgrade for those using that specific media.

I’m waiting for Piodata 1.19, too. It’s nice to have bitsetting. :slight_smile:

how do this scan look ?


I thought that the Pioneer couldn’t make disc quality test :eek: how do you make :confused:
Otherwise i’ve test the 1.19 and i keep the 1.18 :

Scan of a Ricoh 8X@12X with firm 1.19

The same DVD with firm 1.18

Thanks for the comparison scans Djadja. I guess I will hold on to my version 1.18 for now.