107v2b5: Can't set DVD+R booktype to DVD-ROM

Hi guys
I’m desperately trying to get my ND-2500A to set booktype to DVD-ROM for DVD+R media.

In order to manipulate the booktype I have tried

  1. DVDInfoPro v2.55
  2. DVDInfoPro v3.07
  3. DVDBitsetter

To burn the media I have tried

  1. Nero
  2. Alcohol 120% 1.9.2 build 1705
  3. DVD Decrypter

No matter what I do I always end up with a burned DVD+R media with a booktype of DVD+R (instead of DVD-ROM). I have attached 3 screenshots.

The first one is from DVDInfoPro (no media in drive). As you can see the default booktype for DVD+R should be DVD-ROM.

The second one is from DVDBitsetter (no media in drive). Once again the default booktype for DVD+R should be DVD-ROM.

The third one is also from DVDBitsetter. This time a burned DVD+R media is in the drive. As you can see the booktype for the media is DVD+R BUT strangely the default booktype has now changed to DVD+R, not DVD-ROM. Can anyone explain how this is possible?

So far I have tried with 3 medias (one for each burning application) but the results are all the same. The booktype never changes to DVD-ROM.

Please help :bow:


Sorry, I don’t know what to do, that’s really weird! :confused:

I always use DVDInfoPro and Nero and it works for me… but:

When I changed the booktype, I’ve always set the default booktype for both DVD+R and DVD+RW to DVD-ROM (without a disc in the drive). So far it has been working fine for me…

I’ll give it a try - though I don’t really want DVD+RW to be booktyped as DVD-ROM :frowning:

It won’t prevent you from re-writing the RW if that’s what worries you.

I also set both of mine to -Rom, though I only have +RW media.

I´ve heard that Nero doesn´t allow bitsetting for the NEC. It automatically changes it to DVD+R even if you used DVDInfoPro. I also tested it and it was true. I have no experience with Alcohol in DVD Burning, but i don´t know why bitsetting doesn´t work with DVDDecrypter. Works fine for me.

It worked :bow:
Even though I don’t like the idea of having my +RW media set to DVD-ROM I guess I’ll survive. Anyway my DVD+R media is now booktyped to DVD-ROM - so I’m a happy camper now :slight_smile:


I use Nero but the bitsetting works for me
using 2500a with 107v2b5… :confused:

Thanks to Legnerp I was able to crack this nut. It seems like the problem disappeared as soon as I set the booktype for BOTH DVD+R and +RW. When I was having problems I had only set the booktype of +R to DVD-ROM. The booktype of +RW was unchanged/not set. Apparently this caused every DVD+R media to keep the booktype of DVD+R instead of DVD-ROM. However setting booktype for DVD+R = DVD-ROM and DVD+RW = DVD+RW (instead of nothing/unset) solved the problem. I have attached a screendump from DVDInfoPro that illustrates this.

Nice to hear, that it now works for you as well! :slight_smile:

As far as my experience goes, this is NOT a good idea anyway.
If your DVD+RW is readable by your DVD player, there’s no sense to change it to DVD-ROM.
If not, then most likely the set DVD+RW to DVD-ROM will be unreadable/unrecognized by your standalone.

Is there a reason why? My mother-in-law’s DVD player will only play ROM and -R DVDs. But setting +R or +RW DVDs to ROM fools it into playing them anyway. I haven’t tried -RWs in it.

Most DVD players will read a DVD+RW or DVD+R disc without any problems,
however a small minority of them report a disc error when a disc is loaded that is not marked as a “DVD-ROM” disc in the compatibility bits.
Ususally, these players are physically able to read the disc
(since DVD+RW reflectivity is identical to that of a dual layered DVD-Video disc, which all players must be capable of reading),
but their compatibility problems are due to different interpretations of these bits in the various firmware versions.
In most cases, the problem can be solved by updating the firmware.