107D stuck at 2X



After I upgraded the firmware from 1.12 to 1.13, it took half an hour to burn a full 4X DVDR ( I could burn at 4X before that). So I installed the hacked 1.10 firmware and it still takes half an hour to burn a disc.

I tried both Pinnacle and Nero burning software.
I also tried: 4X Sonic DVD+R
4X Ritek G04 DVD-R
and they all took half hour no matter what burning speed I set on Nero (4-8X).

Any suggestions?


Older guys here are bored to answer and there is a reason for that : it’s the bloody DMA settiing on your IDE channel off!


I had already switched the IDE channels to Ultra DMA (if available)before the firmware flash, but it didn’t make any difference.