107d stop to read dvd after firmware upgrade?

before some time I do some firmware upgrade on my old pioneer 107d and after that my pioneer 107d stop to read DVD media, standard CD media reading normal…somebody know what can be problem?

After that few times I try to change firmware version new-old-new etc. but every time I have same problem…also, now I put this DVD-RW drive to my new PC and now my new PC see this DVD-RW drive like DVD-RAM drive!!!

Maybe must do something to fix this problem?


If that is so then what exact firmware have you flashed to the drive, provided from where?
The 107D is by any means no DVD-RAM drive…

I try version 1.22 from this locations:

also I try to back to older versions 1.21 but that dont helping...maybe something with kernel is not good, why my new PC see this DVD-RW like DVD-RAM (on old PC still DVD-RW but dont want to read DVD media, only CD media working)…


since the drive reads cd’s and not dvd’s, it may be possible that the dvd laser has died