107D probs, princo4x burnt at 8x(power collaboration)

hi guys, ive just upgraded my firmware to 1.13… and my princo dvd-r(4x) has been attempted to burn at 8x, but nero has never passed the 25% mark and throws an error to me saying,

“power collaboration error”

so what is it?? … is it not advisable to burn at 8x???

and also ive heard rumours not to erase a dvd-rw at maximum speed with this firmware(1.13) so what is the default setting for erasing a dvd-rw?? 2x??

thanks again

sorry forgot to mention im using nero…

and the princo(4x) burns fine in 4x

Is it a “power callibration error”?

It simply means that your Princos are not suitable for 8x burning, try another brand.

I never tried a dvd-rw, so I can’t help you with that.

I advise you to return to firmware 1.10 (x8 cracked).
I found out that it burning princo x8 better than 1.13.
Also it is possible that the media (princo) is not good.
Out of 100 there are always 10 which are not x8 compatible.

i even had problems burning princo’s at 4x speed with the latest batch of dvd-r’s I had.
i use now PLATINUM 8X (ritek G5) discs that only costs .10 eurocents more then 4x princo.

around 15% Nero changes the drive’s speed from 6x to 8x and thus happens the callibration failure… try burn them at 6x instead.

Not possible, it is for SURE! PRINCO are sh*ts! :Z :Z :Z

I would advise to burn these media @4x. However, they seem to work @8x in my NEC 2500, but the quality is best when they are written @4x.