107d problems

I have some weird problem with my pioneer 107d writer, When i bought it few months ago it worked fine i burned verbatims and nashua 4x without any problems.

Then i bought a spindel of 100 nashuas and here the problems started they got a error on initalising time after time, So i updated my firmware(1.05 at that time) to 1.13(Hacked and offical) same problems even started to give errors with my verbatims discs, So now i updated the firmware again to 1.15 (Offical) now the discs burn but still give problems.

Mp3 dvdr
Pioneer 107d drive : works good.
Pioneer 104 drive : cant read the disc
Toshiba drive : cant read the disc
Xbox : Works good.

So i needed to change the udf standard thingie so i could burn longer file names(Using Record now DX 4.60) i tought thats probely why my other drives didnt want to read them, So i made a copy of a movie i had on dvdr that works fine in all drives.

Pioneer 107d : See`s the disc(dont have movie playback software on this pc)
Pioneer 104 : Dont see the disc
Standalone sony dvd player : Plays the movie flawless
Toshiba : dont see the disc
Xbox : Movie cashes on menu select ( The disc i made a copy of works fine in the xbox)

The nasuha and verbatims do burn good on my 104 drive so its not the disc batch that is bad. Any one any sugestions before i bring the drive back to the store??