107D: MEDION 1.13 firmware update doesn't void the warranty?

I have spotted by chance in the firmware page:

that there is a 1.13 “MEDION OEM” firmware available.

My Pioneer 107DB is currently a MEDION OEM with firmware 1.05.

Can I update firmware to 1.13 MEDION, keeping the OEM Kernel, and thus, keeping the warranty alive?

Is it possible to go back from 1.13 MEDION to 1.05 MEDION?

1.13 is an official update provided by Medion so unless they don’t support their official firmware updates, it should not void your warranty.

You cannot go back to 1.05 because 1.05 is not available. If 1.05 were available, then you could unless you converted the drive to a PIONEER type drive. The Medion type kernel is not available.

the weird thing is that nowhere in the drive, I see a “MEDION” sticker.
The vendor just sold me a Pioneer drive. I don’t know if MEDION has anything to do with my warranty.

I have downloaded that 1.13 MEDION firmware, and there are 2 files in the pack:

it doesn’t include a kernel, so I suppose it doesn’t need a new kernel over my 1.05 MEDION kernel.

You cannot go back to 1.05 because 1.05 is not available

there is a 1.05 fw listed in your page:

is not the same one I have now?
anyway, isn’t it possible to backup my current 1.05 “normal fw” before upgrading it to 1.13?

That is PIONEER type 1.05, not MEDION. You should just flash with the latest official Pioneer firmware (flash the kernel to PIONEER type too).

Who provides you with a warranty if it’s an OEM drive, the reseller? They won’t have a clue about firmware. Pioneer certainly doesn’t provide you with support for an OEM drive.

ok, when I flash, I will flash the official 1.18 (+1.16 Kernel)
I will forget about weird MEDION updates…