107D: KProbe results with TY

Hey guys. I just got a 100 pack of Taiyo Yudens from www.rima.com. The manufacturer ID is TYG01 as you probably guessed. I just burned a couple of them and seem to have similar results. I attached a .png file for you guys to check out. I usually let my pc sit when I am burning since I don’t have a very powerful system. I’d like to get some suggestions on how I can possibly make the errors more averaged out. I have the 107D with 1.10 firmware, which is the newest. I am not using a nForce mobo btw. I have a P4 so I don’t think it’s any of the IDE driver problems. Thanks.


I’d say if both disks give you very similar results, then you have bad media. Have you tried another media?

Before I can even talk about how well the A07 can burn, now it doesn’t burn any Taiyo Yudens. I get power caliberation error with all speed. I opened the other spindle to test, the first media I pick doesn’t burn… Is there something wrong with my A07??


This is what I get burning TYG01 on my DVR-107

4x burn
KProbe scan @ 4x Read 8ecc

I think you must have a bad batch of TY discs…

Here’s another scan, this time a TYG01 disc burnt at 8x using NIL’s modified 1.05 firmware (DVR-107D)

KProbe @4Read 8ECC

I suppose it is possible that you have a faulty batch of media. However, it could also be a faulty drive. You may want to try a sample pack of another brand of media to test and determine whether this is media vs. faulty burner.

I wouldn’t draw any conclusions based on a scan from a 166S drive. It certainly has the appearance of defective media, but you can’t rely on ROM drive scans. Wonder if it could be bootlegged TY?

Thanks for the response guys. Now I have tons of medias that “can’t” be burn on my A07. I am going to have a friend try burning these on his Sony and see what happens.


What firmware are you using,I recommend Nil’s 8x4all,12x rip.
Different media has slightly different write strategies Nil picks the best from test results(e.g. burns different media with different strategies and uses the best one).
I have only ever used pioneer writers and would not dream of using the bog standard firmwares I only use firmwares patched by Nil or Gradius(whichever one happens to patch at the time for different models).
I recommend you try a couple of writing software packages(nero,record now etc) ensuring you have the current updates,versions for each.
Power calibration errors are usually either media or laser problems.
Try a coule of different media types just 'cause they burn in your m8’s sony(which will prob be a 4x writer ) dones’t mean the drive is faulty,you need to try at least 2 different types of media and software packages.
I believe you can flash back to an original 107 firmware so flashing to try Nils firmware will not void your warranty if you flash back to the original before returning the drive(I’m 99% you can flash back to an original drive but please double check this).

Hope you get it sorted whatever the problem is.

Hi. I patched my A07 with the Nil’s modified firmware. Now the medias that got rejected by firmware 1.10 seems to burn. However KProbe results seem to be the same as above I posted. Is ROM scans unreliable?? Would it be better to use a LiteOn burner to do the scans?? Thanks


see if you can get a TY DVD from somewhere else and test it. it really looks like you’ve got a bad batch

What firmware are you using,I recommend Nil’s 8x4all,12x rip. Different media has slightly different write strategies Nil picks the best from test results(e.g. burns different media with different strategies and uses the best one).

I’ve heard that for Pioneer A05 and A06 drives, after disc is inserted into the drive, the drive will test the disc and come up with the best strategy for this disc. Such function is too difficult to be devised for 8x recording. Hence, for A07 Pioneer chose to follow other makers such like NEC and Sony. The way NEC and Sony do is to test different brands of media in their companies and pre-set the writing strategy in the drive’s firmware according to each manufacture ID.

Since Pioneer not many 8x media has passed Pioneer’s test yet, the A07 does not allow many 8x discs to be used at its max speed. Nil picked the best writing strategy, but it may be just one strategy and would not be the best for all brands of media.

Still, I think Nil did something which is very very difficult and time consuming. There are about 38 parameters just in 8x writing strategy (6x has less parameters). Well, lots of them are set to be 00. But still, there are about 15 parameters that seems to be important. Each of these parameters might have 10 different possible values. How could Nil come up with writing strategy in such short time. Rumors says that CMC used 1 team of skill engineers and spent 1 month of time to be able to pick a good set of parameters for their 8x and 6x writing strategy!

Hate to oversimply things but…do those disks play in a standalone player? Have you done Kprobe scans on other media burned with that drive? If you don’t have any other recordable media…try scanning a pressed dvd…see what results you get with that.

What about Nero DVDSPeed or DVDInfoPro read tests on another drive.

Let’s not jump to quickly on a testing tool that’s not designed for DVD-Rom drives…bottom line is if the disk works. I’d watch the whole thing and check it for skipping, pixelation, and/or freezing.

I just went through 100 bad Taiyo Yuden from Rima also.

They did RMA them no questions, and the new ones are fine. So it could just be a bad shipment that Rima got in the last month or so.

No doubt, bad media is probably the culprit…I’m just trying to establish Ryobou’s experience in this field of burning DVD’s.

Your first one or two Kprobe results from a dvd-rom drive should not constitute a pass-fail…there are alot of variables in play here. I still think that watching the disk on one (or two) standalones is the only fool proof way of checking burns. I’ve seen dirty fingerprints give scans just like that. I can imagine a failing rom drive, could also give strange Kprobe results.

It’s just less frustrating to eliminate the obvious before getting a second “bad” batch.

I would agree with rdgrimes in this case – I had exactly the same curve with some Prodisc media recorded in a 105 and scanned in a 166 – scan it in a recorder, no problems at all, and the disc reads back 100%.

If the discs read 100%, I wouldn’t worry too much about it – the scans will be wrong.