107d firmware question

Hi guys

ive just swapped over my 105 for a new 107,im trying to upgrade the firmware on it to the new 1.20 so i can burn riteks.

When i try to update it i get the message target not found

Any ideas please?


yes, i had that trouble too. get the firmware @ http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?category=4&manufactor=25
get DVRFlash v1.2 @ http://pioneerdvd.rpc1.org/
use DVRFlash to update firmware and it should work AOK

Thanks for that Ghosters

Im a bit new to all this and most of what’s stated in the read me

Has flew over my head… :confused:

Can you explain what to do in simpleton form please

Many thanks.

this is for 2000/XP/2003. first you need to rightclick on the DVR107D_FW120.EXE from pioneer and choose extract files to…you will need an unzipper installed to be able to do this. i suggest a search for izarc if you need a free unzipper. now take the file R7100107.120 and place it on your desktop…for now.

do the same with DVRFlash_v1.2.zip then place DVRFlash.exe on desktop.

now go to start/run/type cmd/ENTER
a command prompt window should appear. note where the default location points to. in my case it says
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>
so, minimize that window, then go put those two files DVRFlash.exe and R7100107.120 at the location shown in the command window.
now make SURE no dvd is in the drive. and in the command window type the following DVRFlash -v X: R7100107.120
now hit ENTER. type Y when prompted and hit ENTER…when done REBOOT.

alternative would be to create a bootable floppy, put those two files on it, boot into DOS from the floppy, then type DVRFlash -v X: R7100107.120 [ where X is the dvd drive letter ]

i cant seem to get the correct file out of DVRFlash

Got it out of the firmware ok.

get it here http://s6.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=305FA7176444F66D745BDB26B23B6EAC

Thanks for your patiance
But here’s the next prob
In run ive tried cmd/ and cmd/ENTER as i was not sure which was to be typed
But windows cannot find either.
would try other method but not sure how to boot into Dos?

type CMD them hit the Enter key on your keyboard

or…download the Windows ME OEM bootdisk @ http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm
create a floppy from it. put DVRFlash.exe and R7100107.120 on the floppy. restart your computer. it should boot from the floppy, if not, you’ll need to enter BIOS and set boot order to Floppy first. at the A:> type
DVRFlash -v X: R7100107.120
where X is your dvd drive letter
hit Enter on keyboard

or…you could create a bootable cd [ best to make it a cd-rw ], put the same two files on it, but set BIOS boot order with cd-rom first. instructions @ http://www.network54.com/Forum/thread?forumid=336827&messageid=1097571473&lp=1097571473

I give up
Think it’s 4x for me! :frowning:

Or is there any 8x discs that work without the flash?

i use cheap ul tran 8x with any firmware on my 107d and have no issues burning @ 8x