107d Disc Space Problem


Having just had a new Pioneer 107D delivered to replace my NEC2500A piece of pap, i’ve come across one quite annoying problem…

Upon trying to burn a disc which contains 4.38Gb of video data, i’m getting the error message on Alcohol 120% that the blank disc doesnt have enough free space to write to.

With every other drive i’ve had, this message has not appeared, and the copy has gone ahead successfully.

Anyone have any ideas… otherwise my ‘full’ discs are not going to be copiable!

Note… have just upgraded to firmware 1.12 and this doesnt rectify the situation any. oh, and using DVDShrink just brings up more ‘unknown’ error messages.

there is an option in alcohol 120% regarding the maximum ammount to dat that you can write on to a disk just incrase that to 4.700 gb and you will be fine not sure about dvd shrink

i could be wrong but aint the size of a dvd 4.37gig ??

Thanks for the replies guys,

As i mentioned, the 4.38Gb discs copied fine before i got the new 107D drive. I have noticed, however, that 4.37Gb discs DO copy.

Particularly interested in the comment about there being an option in Alcohol to determine maximum data to write to a disc - where is this option, couldn’t find it myself when i looked.

Thanks again…


I observed a sligtly difference between two drives but only 1MB: to be specific Pioneer A06 reports 4389 and Sony U18 4388 MB free on the same disc