107D Crashes My Computer

Hope someone can help!

I have a Pioneer 107D which has been working fine for me for about 6 months. But just today, it started crashing my computer. It happened when I tried to play a game, and it gave me a BSOD, with the error message “A fatal exception has occurred 0028:C1B7765F” etc. When I press any key to return to windows, I get a black screen and the computer hangs.

This is really odd, since it has been working just fine until now. The only thing I did today was to install Colin McRae 2005 (DVD version) which it did just fine. But when I went to play it, I started to get this message. Now, I cannot even see the DVD drive in Windows Explorer, as it hangs windows when I try to read the contents of any disk, including standard CD games which I only played using that drive yesterday.

I have tried updating the firmware version to 1.21, which has happened just fine, but has not fixed anything. I had this drive as a slave to my CyberDrive CW099D CD-R/RW, and so I changed it around and made the 107D as the master, but still no joy. I have tried removing the drive, rebooting, and then reconnecting the drive, but still no joy. Is this a windows problem, or a 107D problem?

My specs are:

AMD Athlon 2000+
512Mb SDRam
NVidia FX5200 128 Mb
80Gb Western Digital
Gigabyte M/board


Try uninstalling the drive from Device Manager and restarting your computer.

Already tried that.
It reboots, and continues as if I had never touched it.

I reckon I may have to reinstall Windows…Nooooooooooo!

Just reinstalled Windows98SE - still no change!

is your drive under warranty? this sounds like one for pioneer tech support. usually they’ll be completely useless, but they’ll probably replace your drive if they don’t know how to solve it. it might have simply died on you and installing the game was a coincidence. happened to me with a video card - i thought i had some kind of virus, but it turned out the card had just chosen that moment to go to silicon heaven.