107D Availability (its available on newegg now) and reviews?

The 107D OEM bare drive is now available on newegg. I checked 5 minutes ago.


WHY are there NO reviews by any sites yet? Usually product reviews come thick and fast on the internet but this drive seems to be some kind of weird mystery. I am newbie to dvd burning and would like reviews which talk about media compatibility and burn quality. All the graphs and stats mean nothing to me. Well, not a whole lot atleast :bigsmile:

www.cdrinfo.com have a review up

www.cdrlabs.com do not yet have it.

Personally I have it but is waiting for firmware 1.09 before reviewing it.

Remember: US got it way earlier than Europe, it’s not sold in any stores here in Norway for example.

Thanks for the link, OC.

Small off-topic suggestion:

It would be cool if there were a page which summarized what multiple reviewers had to say. My favorite movie review site is www.rottentomatoes.com because it sums up all the reviews into one quick tomatometer rating with excerpts. Maybe, cdfreaks could do that in the future? That would rule. Of course, cdfreaks could add extra weightage to their own reviews when coming up with final scores. A good way to generate more site hits? Perhaps.

Thanks again.

1.09? I thought the latest was 1.05. Hmm…I still havent had the guts to update to 1.05 yet, and haven’t really had any issues. I guess I will wait for 1.09 before upgrading my firmware.

I have 1.03 fw and have not had any issues as of yet. I got my drive at Best Buy, while returning my liteon 411s that I had numerous problems, (not bashing) I had already made up my mind on a Pioneer, (have the dvr-104) There were no Pioneer’s on the shelf and when I went to ask , there were some in a basket, not put out yet. I asked if I could buy one of these, thinking it was a dvr-106, the clerk said “sure” At the counter I noticed it was in fact a dvr-a07. This was in the middle of January, I have not seen one in a store since. I am a little embarrased by what I paid, but I just wanted to quit messing around, and not worry about media, and compatibility. This drive has been rock solid, with no problems whatsoever.