107 overheating?

Has anyone encountered heat probs with their Pioneers. I have a 107 which was working perfectly till recently and then was kicking out all burns at approx 85-90% with errors. This is the second burner which has done this to me, the first being the 105 which is now used as my reader.

In dismay I replaced the 107 with an NEC 3500 which is working fine, but just for an experiment I put the Pioneer into my other PC and it worked fine…untill it did a 3rd or 4th consecutive burn when it started kicking out the discs again with burn failed messages. I have used various types of discs in order to elliminate the chance of a bad batch of discs.

I am now proberly going to get in touch with Pioneer to RMA it as it is only approx 6 mts old.

Your opinions would be gratefully recieved

          Thanks :sad:

my 107 at work doesnt get hot at all, not even mildy warm. if this is a second drive & model doing such things, the problem probably lies elsewhere. maybe replace IDE cables (make sure 80 conductors - better integrity). check IDE drivers, and check for any possible BIOS updates for your Motherboard…
give it a whirl dude…

I appear to be having overheating problems with my DVR-A07 burner with summer approaching. The symptom is that at room temperature, the first burn goes fine, but if I burn multiple DVDs in a row the second or third one will be a coaster, and the disks come out of the drive noticably hot. If I turn on the air conditioner in the room, it burns fine, even several disks in a row. My Lite-On LDW-851S in the same computer burns fine at room temperature even burning several disks in a row. My case has three case fans in addition to the power supply fan, so I don’t think it is a general cooling problem. I will try to get a drive bay fan to see if that’ll help. Since my drive is already out of warranty, I popped open the cover and noticed that while the burner has a cutout for an internal fan, it doesn’t actually have one installed. I’m also going to try to see if I can get a fan to fit internal to the drive since that’ll probably have a better chance of helping.

OK, looks like I was wrong about my last post. I hooked up a temperature meter to the outside of my burner, and it peaks at 34C at room temperature, which isn’t terribly high. Then I did some Kprobe scans and found that most of my burns were coming out with very high error rates, even the ones burned with my other burner, or with the air conditioner on. And by high errors I mean PIF 1SUM above 100 and PI 8SUM above 1000! This was on Ritek branded RITEKR03 8X +R, so it never occurred to me that it was the disks since they are not Ridata or some other OEM label and should be Grade A. As a test, I popped open some Maxell branded MAXELL002 8X +R disks and burned 8 disks in a row with no problems burning, and I’m getting good to very good Kprobe scans of those I’ve scanned so far. Unless something else comes up, I think this was caused by a bad spindle of Ritek media.

I see elsewhere a lot of complaints about Ritek quality getting worse, but this is ridiculous. The Ritek branded ones are supposed to be Grade A only, and untill this batch I’ve had only good experiences with Ritek. Back when 4X was new, I even had some Riteks that got ZERO PIF errors TOTAL. This is very, very disappointing given their previous track record. I’m going to have to stop recommending Riteks to my friends now.

My bro’s got a 106 that developed similar symptoms…

The problems was that his system unit was overheating due to a overstretched PSU - he was trying to run with a 200watt supply :eek:

This caused major overheating problems within the system unit itself, and as the red hot PSU was only a few inches from the 106, this caused all the problems.

For a while he had the 106 sitting on top of the system unit on the outside with a long IDE cable. This solved the problem by keeping it cool, and thereby stopping the Power Calibration Errors that he kept getting.

Hope this helps…


ps. Obviously this was a temporary solution till he got a bigger system unit with more room and a bigger PSU. :iagree: