107 & copy protections

I’ve read in related forum that: “… the only thing a DVD burner is really good for is burning DVDs. Do your research before you buy a DVD burner to backup CDs – it may or may not work for copy protected CDs.”
But StoopidMofo also told: “pioneer dvr range seems very good even for copy protection”. I tried to back-up a Safedisc protected game with Alcohol 120% and my new 107d, but I didn’t succeded. The game installation does not even start, returning an error for a missing dll. Is there anybody who can help me to understand if it was my fault or this dvd-burner isn’t good in backing-up games?


The missing dll looks like the copy was not made correctly. But if you are interested in which protections you can copy with this drive, you might want to have a look at OC-Freak’s review of this drive. Especially have a look at page 8.

Thanx Joerg kling, :bow: I searched in forums for posts about this topic, but didn’t look in main site.