106D. Why only 2x DVD-R on 12x riplock fw?

I don’t get this. A couple of friends use this drive and they get shit ripping speeds. I thought they could just use a modded firmware to get 12x ripping. But the firmware drops the write speed for DVD-R from 4x to 2x which is useless. Why?

Is there a fw that has 12x riplock, rpc1 and 4x DVD-R?


If you had actually looked on the forum rather than just posting you would have found this.


Err. That’s for the 107D not 106D. I did search.

Nobody has an answer?

I shall repeat the question then.

Why does the 12x riplock/RPC1 firmware for the Pioneer 106D only support burning 2x DVD-R? Where is the firmware that supports 12x riplock, RPC1 and 4x DVD-R burning? The drive natively supports 4x DVD-R burning but to use the modded firmware requires losing 4x DVD-R burning capability?

Someone PLEASE clear this up for me and my 106D owning friends.

Nevermind I got an answer over at RPC1.org