106D seems ok but it isn't


I bought Pioneer 106D in late November of 2003. Since then I burned maybe 50 disks, most of them being DVDs. And I was pleased with device until tonight.

Problem is that couple hours ago my pioneer stopped reading most of those dvds. It doesn’t register inserted dvd. This behavior embraced most of my dvds leaving only few readable. Most of them seems like low quality disks but they work perfectly well on other dvd drives and they worked flawlessly with 106 until tonight. Few days back I even run couple quality checks on them using Pioneer and all was well at that point. Most of those nonreadables are DVD+R.

What is more intriguing it reads couple really low quality disks which I was unfortunate enough to buy (incident in which dvd label changed its manufacture but kept same box and name for product of much lower quality) and which nothing else doesn’t want to read.

Tonight I upgraded firmware from 1.07 to 1.08 but it didn’t help. This behavior is consistent through XP and Win98.

If it is relevant none of the disks is movie backup; all are data disks (UDF and ISO) containing my private and work data. I even tried some of them on my standalone LG dvd player, which has support for jpgs and I was able to browse through folders on discs. And if that crap can read them pioneer SOULD read them ‘cause discs are fine. I take good care of my disks. They are always in a box, I rarely use them as biggest part of them has only backup purpose. Visually, they are in perfect shape without dust, scratches or anything like that.

Besides this problem drive seems ok. It behaves normally with all cds and printed dvds. It burns disks without problem; however I don’t have any blank disk of those types which it doesn’t want to read anymore so I am not 100% sure. I am worried for my drive (actually for my investment) as this is a problem which sounds a lot like something which service will consider as “normally working” drive. I am really disappointed with this pioneer as it is only seven months old and it hasn’t been used to much. Since I bought it it burned only few dozens of disks and I rarely used it as reading device as my cdrom drive is faster (and more quite).

Does anybody have similar problem? Any advice?

i think you should return it to where you bought your drive. maybe you explain it somehow can’t read some of discs but the other drives can do so maybe they’ll fix it or pioneer will send you a new one. of course if it’s not out of warranty. (it must be in warranty unless you used a hacked firmware or opened the drive for cleaning)maybe it’s lens needs to be cleaned.
good luck

i also have this problem Bariole, as i own the same type of drive, and this problem was my sole reason for registering on this forum while i looked for anyone else with the same problem and possibly a solution to it

i have owned this drive for just over 6 months now and for the past 2 of those months i have been unable to read ANY dvd that i have burned, which are mostly data ones, i dont have access to another dvd drive to check that way but i do have a dvd player in my home which can see the disk when i insert it, but the DVD Writer will not, its as if its not there…i too have tried a firmware update thinking the same thing as yourself but with no luck, and also, many of my DVD films i have backed up suffer from a “skipping” problem, even when burned at x1 speeds. as anything above this causes the disk to fail at 1%
so as far as all this goes my spending over £100 for this dvd writer has been a waste of money and if a fix or solution to this is not found soon i will be selling it, as the shop i originaly bought it from has no solution to the problem and will not replace it unless its damaged :frowning:
hopefully someone has an answer somewhere

I would call not being able to read the discs “damaged”!!!
They should replace it. What do they consider “damaged”?

they are classing it as not damaged because it reads all other media fine, be it a music disk , a vcd, svcd, data disc etc, i have tried tellin them that the reason i got a DVD writer in the 1st place was both that i could backup my existing collection of dvd’s and to write more data to a dvd than i could with a normal 80min cd
they claim that since the writer does all the above that the dvd side of it must be down to my system itself, which, imo, is bs, because it worked fine at 1st and its only over time that the ability to read a DVD, be it a movie or data. has dissapeared, and if a normal cheap atlantic dvd player £39:00 from ASDA, can see the disk and its contents yet the drive on the pc cannot, then the fault likes with the dvd writer itself, maybe i should have gone to a more reputable company to buy it from (it was bought from a local firm) which would make gettin a replacement easy, instead they say that while the drive is functioning and there is no evident damage to it they will not replace it

maybe i should just “drop it” “accidently” and see if that helps :slight_smile:

also, if all else fails, can anyone recomend a good, stable dvd writer? because if it comes down to having no joy from the company and being stuck with the pioneer 106 that i have now, id at least have a new one to use in the meantime

if it’s in warranty they have to fix it somehow. send an e-mail to pioneer saying you are not pleased with their technical support and tell them your complaints.
also you can go to the shop with the discs you’ve burned before. and show them anything else but your 106d can read them. and yours can’t even recognize them. i don’t even put cd’s in my dvd writer and wouldn’t read dvd’s with it if i had another dvd-rom. 1st purpose of them is to write and to read dvd’s it’s ridiculous that they say it’s not damaged.
do not drop it accidentally maybe they will send it to pioneer but it will return soon because of bad using. you can try nec by the way i heard it’s good and cheap i’m plannig to buy one soon.
good luck

I dismantled a drive so I could clean it up from dust. After opening one could see that the drive was pretty much clean. There was some dust but nothing horrible. Even under strong magnifying glass lens looked perfectly clear. In spite of that I cleared lens using only clean dry rag made of microfibers (rag for cleaning spectacles).

After that most of my unreadable dvds became readable. Few days later remaining unreadable dvds became readable just by itself. I did nothing to make them readable. Go figure.

Now I can say that drive works normally. It reads everything as nothing has happened. Reading speeds which I am getting now on previously unreadable disks are no different from ones that were readable. Everything (transfer speed, seek times, spin up and down) is as it used be when the drive was new.

I guess I could be pretty happy now but I am not. This is only 7 moths old device. I never cleaned my Teac CDR-55S which is at least 6 years old and still works well. If dust is so big problem for dvds (both disks and drives) who made it this way? Why they pursued so sensitive mass media standard? :confused:

Anyway this was my unfortunate experience with 106. I hope it will be useful to someone.

Recordnow was reporting this error on disks which were unreadable. It doesn’t mean nothing to me but maybe is helpful to someone.
“Disc Read Error - Command:51 Sense:03 ASC:57 ASCQ:00”

This is type of disks which was hardest to read:

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:AML-001-000]

Disc Type : [DVD+R]
Manufacturer ID : [AML]
Manufacturer Name : [Unknown Manufacturer ID]
Media Type ID : [001]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Disc Application Code : [General Purpose]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2.4x , 4x]
Blank Disc Capacity : [Not Supported By Method 2]

[DVD Identifier - http://DVD.Identifier.CDfreaks.com]

Recordnow was reporting this error on disks which were unreadable. It doesn’t mean nothing to me but maybe is helpful to someone.
“Disc Read Error - Command:51 Sense:03 ASC:57 ASCQ:00”

Unable to read table of contents. That would certainly make the disc unreadable.

Great. I see now that there is a list of error messages in help file. So I guess I could figure it on my own. :rolleyes: I have not a habit to look in help files because it just isn’t cool. :bigsmile:

Anyway is there some explanation why 106 couldn’t read TOC? Besides dust, that is?

I have the exact same problem.

i will try cleaning it up. i’ll let you know how it went.

Thanks for the tip,


So I just used a cheap (2 dols) DVD lens cleaner bought on ebay (telstar).

My DVD is back to normal, it can read the burnt DVDs again.

Oh well looks like this DVD has a “lens dirtying up fast” problem.

not too bad if it can be solved that easy.