106D problems

It’s about 6 months old and been working fine. I flashed the firmware ages ago (without problems) to make it region free. I recently put it in a new PC -
P4 3g, Asus P4P800 deluxe, 512 ram, Geforce 3ti.
It has worked fine for a couple of weeks. Then-
I put in a DVD to use DVDshrink to rip to HDD. Have done this lots without hassle.
It lights up busy and stays that way. Shrink then won’t respond.
I eject the tray and close it again (disc still in it) and the PC reboots itself. I clean the disc and try again, same thing. I put it in another PC with a Liteon DVD rom and same version of DVDshrink and it works fine.
This has happened several times in the past week with different disks. It doesn’t happen with all disks but about every fourth one or so. A couple of times after rebooting the PC doesn’t list the DVD burner (or the other CD burner) as being present, they just disappear from My Computer.
Oh btw, just after the first incident the PC tells me the burner is the wrong region and has only one change left. When I check it’s somehow set to R2 which I never use (I’m R4 and have a few R1 discs). I flashed the firmware again with r6100106.107. DISCinfo now tells me that the fw version is 107 with no lock detected. This just happened once.
Anyone have any ideas why this is suddenly happening?:bow:

Sorry, meant to put this in the Pioneer section. :o

Probably not a Pioneer issue anyway. Did you by chance install Intel Application Accelerator? If so , remove it.
I’m betting on a driver issue of some sort, changed anything lately?

I didn’t install Intel Application Accelerator (assuming it’s not one of these things that installs itself - it’s not in the Remove Progs list). I’m starting to remove things a bit at a time.
What’s annoying is that it worked fine for weeks.

Deffinitely not a common problem. As a test, try replacing the IDE cable. Power supply problems are not ruled out either, but that’s not very likely.

OK, I thought it had fixed itself (but I haven’t been using it as much) but now it seems to have lost the rw function. I tried a - & a + rw disk (both tdk) and it wouldn’t play or erase either. Kept telling me to insert disk. Both disks played OK in stand alone DVD player. Seems OK with DVD-R though.