106D Burning but not reading the disk

Started happening when i purchased some DVD+R Ricoh 1-8x disks. The disk seems to burn fine but will not read in the drive, it is recognised as blank/no media?

I have been able to read the disk(s) in another drive but thats not the fix i was hoping for.

I have tried Roxio and now Nero to write disks as UDF and UDF/ISO.

My previous DVD+Rs were Infinity (manufactured by Ricoh i think) and never had a problem. They wrote as UDF/ISO with Roxio.

Does anyone ave any suggestions please? This is really annoying :frowning:

You may want to try a firmware upgrade…that usually corrects problems with reading/writing certain media…the most current fw for the a06/106 is 1.08 according to pioneer’s website…


thanks jl1252, but im afraid thats what i have.

I have read some threads on similar problems with the same drive. Its odd that it only affects this set of disks i have just bought. I can read everything else!

Does anyone know of software i can use to test/verify the burn on another machine/drive. I want to know if the disks i have burnt are correctly burnt, i.e. stable in drives that seem to work!


the same problem!!!
dvd+ … write -ok read -blank/no media
firmware 1.08 (now), the problem start with 1.07 (factory)
some time ago i write my little daughter video dvd - test -fine!
and now-blank/no media!!!

This has not much to do with Pioneer.
Send your thanks to m$ or whoever sold you their OS.

I think it’s a OS/software conflict.

2 chef
thanks for replay
…I think it’s a OS/software conflict…

WinXP sp1 / Nero 6. Why software?

EXAMLE 1) i insert mini cd-rw (written at photostudio)
Pioneer A06 (1,5 y.old) -blank/no media
Teac W58 (4,5 y.old) -ok
EXAMLE 2) noname DVD-R wite- ok read- no
EXAMLE 3) “Good” DVD+R -blank/no media, but earlier everythig was fine!!!
EXAMLE 4) DVD+R write est(nero) - ok, few moments later -blank/no media

Errr - try dowing the Firmware to 1.06?

To find out if it is a hardware or a software problem, your best chance would be to test the drive in another computer.

Why do I think it’s a software problem? Because I’ve seen lots of similar posts in the General Optical Forum which could be fixed by deleting some registry entries…

Thanks, I shall try another computer …& General Optical Forum.