106 on its last legs - is the 110 worthy?

It seems like my Pioneer 106 is starting to play up. Burns on CDs are coming out with skips/jumps in the music or a failed burn message. I also seem to be getting DVD burns failing or not playing correctly as well. I also had a problem or making DVD data disks on +R, they would burn but not be read, -R disks (same brand) were fine??

Is it time for a new burner? Does this seem like the burner is starting to fail as I don’t see it being a software/PC problem?

Is the 110 a worthy replacement or should I be looking at a different brand?
The 110 is only AUD$60 so it’s cheap enough. I need an all in one unit for making audio CDs and movie DVDs.

The 110 is a great drive, plus we have really good firmware support from modders like Nullz at rpc1.org

Before you get another drive I would first try and clean the laser lense, with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. Its worth a shot.

Second as good as the 110 is, the 111 is comming out soon, so you might want to keep that in mind, its already in parts of asis.

Do I need to take the cover off the drive or can you get in to clean it via the tray?

thank for the reply.

I will try the cleaning trick but if I need to buy the local PC shop has either-
The Pioneer DVR-110D 16X DVD-/+R/RW Dual Layer(OEM Beige)(no software) for AUD$60
or the LG DVD16X± Super Multi DVD Rewriter with Software(DUAL LAYER Black )4163BBK for the same price AUD$60.

So which one?

The LGs are supposed to be among the fastest writers out there, however, it really depends on what type of media you like to use and what applications you use your media for. Honestly, I would just buy the newer writer anyways. These days you are so limited with a 4x burner (as far as media options go) and with newer burners you can give D/L discs a shot.

Thanks. My 106 is an 8x burner not 4x though.
So i am not really after any speed boost but at the time it seemed as though the 106 was the one to by - just wondering if pioneer are still the one?

So can the LG read/write just the same as the 110?

The 4163 is an older model the 4167 is available now, but many regard the 4163 as being better, I don’t know if thats changed.

To open the drive. 1) remove the four screws on the case. 2)Use a long paper clip and bend part of it straight (about an inch long) and insert it into the eject hole on the front face, pull the tray out a few inches. 3) pop the front trim piece off, and slide it onto the tray. the burner should be easy to disasemble after that.

Not for DVD+/-R writing, it isn’t.

Exactly, 4x dvd max for the 106.