106-D & POI/DMA Issues - Any Ideas?

I’ve had a 106-D for about a year and it hasn’t ever given me a problem. Recently, it stopped writing DVD’s at 4x complaining of a Power Calibration Error. At the same time as that happening, I’ve noticed that the drive is no longer using UDMA mode, and no matter what I change it will only operate in POI mode now. I know it was using UDMA2 before, and I was wondering 2 things…

  1. Could that be responsible for the failing to burn at 4x?
  2. Is there any way of changing it back that anyone knows of?

And then if not, can anyone recommend a solid DVD writer that I won’t have any or few issues with?!? This is the 2nd Pioneer I’ve got thru so far…

I’m running XP and am (or trying to) use Nero to burn… The firmware on the 106-D is v1.08.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for reading…

Power Calibration Errors are mainly due to unsupported or bad (quality) media.
Try with better ones.

PIO > DMA http://www.nero.com/us/FAQs_Windows.html#3

thast the thing… for a year, ive been burning perfectly on a range of media, including waht im burning onto now (Ritek G-04)… i had a 105 that did the extact same thing, after about a year just gave up.

and no matter how many times i change it to DMA If Possible in Device Manager, it’s still running POI. maybe it’s time to buy a writer thats not pioneer??

My brother’s got a 106 that he’s had for well over a year now.

He’s had similar problem with his, and it was due to dirt in the writer case as well as poor media.

He had to strip the drive down and clean out all the dust. He tends to run his system unit with no side panel on it, hence the dust problems…

He also had problems reading disks that he had previously burned with the 106. After the cleaning, they read perfectly :iagree: