105 stopped reading some RW discs



I have a strange problem here…
I upgraded my 105 to hacked 1.30 firmware in early 2003.
Not had a problem for ages afterwards and was happily writing , erasing and reading dvd-RW discs.
However, a few months ago, it had problem recognising some used DVDRW discs.
Cannot erase them with Nero v6 or RecordNow max 4.60 - does not see it as a RW disc.
From My Computer, I can open the disc, but its blank.

Using an RW that I wrote in 2003, I can still read and open that disc. However, the more recent ones are no longer readable, although I can still run them on my standalone DVD player (as a DVD disc or MP3 data disc)

I would understand if the disc is badly scratched, but some of them have only been used once, albeit, recently.
Seems that the problem only affect recently burnt discs.

No problems with normal DVD-R discs, although I get a misty ring around the read surface if I burnt it a 4x (even on G04s), so I stick to 2x.

Upgrading to fw 1.33 did not solve the RW problem.

Help appreciated.


Try to erase/format them with DVDInfoPro.

You could also try to clean the lens.