105 problem-has it had it?

Hi Guys,
Pioneer 105, had it about 18 months and doesn’t get a lot of use, but always used x4 datawrite and never had a problem until now.
Started to take longer to burn at 4 speed ie 20 mins then 25.
Eventually computer went into meltdown and had to format and start again.
Now takes 40 minutes to burn at 4 speed and fails now and again.
Using nero 6.
Is this the end for my 105 or can I do anything???
Help appreciated

If you do not have warranty any more, I would suggest to clean the lens with a soft cloth and water.

Thanks for the advise mate, but looks like the 105 lives on.
Always burnt on the fly and presumed burner was at fault, burnt image to h/drive with 105 and then burnt to media and perfect at 4 speed.
Looks like my samsung dvd drive has bit the dust after 6 months of use.
Hope not a silly question but because of a major computer crash I formatted drive and lost everything, when I use the samsung drive the computer asks for sftware to play a dvd, I presume powerdvd or similar, as I lost all that software in the crash would that effect a “on the fly” burn???or is that software just for veiwing a dvd.
Thanks again in advanse.