1016IM burn quality update

In an earlier post I had stated some results about DL burning and even SL burning. I have since updated the firmware to A07M. This is the second firmware update since I bought the drive. Funny thing is there is no “change list” on the BTC site as to what is “new and improved”. I did also state there is a new 1.08 bit set utiity out.

I had a DL Verbatim (MKM) disc left so I tried it. I used the 1.08 utility to set it to DVD-ROM and then used Nero to burn Passion of the Christ. The A17J firmware already fixed the recognition issue with these MKM DL discs. Before they would only be seen at 2.4x even though the label said 4x compliant (in supported hardware). So the first firmware update made the 1016IM a “supported hardware”

It burned the DL disc in just under 26 minutes. It plays perfectly on my PC drives but still has issues with my Toshiba SD2300 and Sylvania DVD/VCR combo. This disc will also play fine in my Thompson drive based Xbox (which earlier burn tests would not). I have not tried my PS2 but I am sure it will have improved reliability as well. The nice thing is that in earlier tests with my Toshiba player, I couldn’t even get to the main menu screen. It would freeze at the FBI warning. Now it will actually play to the main menu and let me select chapters before it freezes. So the new firmware has improved the burn reliability somewhat.

On 4x discs it has improved reliability greatly. I use Princo -R’s and before this drive I was using the 1004IM and could burn and play in any of my systems. When I switched up to the 1016IM I could no longer play those Princo discs reliability in my Toshiba. The new firmware has fixed that. I have yet to try 8x +/- discs.

Nero now AUTOMATICALLY sets the booktype to DVD-ROM for -R but not for +R for some reason. I use DVD info pro and verify the book type has been changed after the disc is burned and every -R shows DVD-ROM (booktype) DVD-ROM (media type). +R does not change unless I use the 1.08 utility. Then only the booktype will change to DVD-ROM. Media type stays at DVD+R or DVD+R DL. Nero will say that it is setting the book type to DVD-ROM on both types of discs but only -R’s are actually getting the treatment.

Once Dual layer -R discs become available, will BTC release a firmware update to allow DL burning on -R? Sorry for the long post but I like to be thorough with what I write.

DVD-R can not change the booktype, to either your drive or the software you use is cheating. will start the burn process with a line reading:
“book type automatically set to DVD-ROM” and I verified this to be true with DVDinfoPro. Only on -R does the book type and media type listings say DVD-ROM regardless of which drive I use for verification. I have the 1016IM as well as a 16x DVD-ROM drive. When I do the same process using a +R Nero starts off with the same text but after it is burned DVDinfoPro shows both book type and media type as +R. Only when I use the bit set tool 1.08 before burning with Nero does the book type change to DVD-ROM (verified after burning) and the media type remains as +R.

If you have not tried it, go for it. I could use the second opinion.

Could you check what booktype nero cdspeed sees with your DVD-Rom drive ?

I used the CD/DVD speed ver 3.55 and it showed the Princo -R I just burned (ScoobyDoo2) with disc type: DVD-ROM, book type: DVD-ROM. I did nothing to the disc prior to burning. Nero said it automatically changed it from -R and DVD info Pro shows the same results. Now with a Richo +R DVD info Pro shows book type as DVD-ROM but shows media type as DVD+R. Nero shows DVD-ROM. This is a disc I used the bit setting tool 1.08 prior to burning. If anyone else can confirm the same results please do. Oh yes. I also tried the newer CD speed 3.61 just released.

I just tried some 8x rated DVD-R I got from Fry’s. They were $8 for a 25pk so I wasn’t expecting much. DVD Info Pro identifies them as TYG02 and has a burn rating of 12x. So I gave one a try. Again, Nero changed the book type and media type to DVD-ROM and burned it at 12x which took under 7 minutes for a complete burn. Now That time sounds more like 8x seeing as a 4x burn takes around 15 minutes. Doubling that to 8x would cut the time in half to 7.5 minutes (right?). So you would think 12x or even 10x would be 6 minutes. Anyway it burned fine. Played in all my DVD players including my old GE which (so far) doesnt like anything but +R discs. I ran the disc through Nero CDspeed and it showed as a DVD-ROM.

Wrong :). Follow the link from the FAQ about CLV, Z-CLV, CAV, and P-CAV.

Then at what speed would you say it was burning if the lead in/lead out and everything in between took exactly 7 minutes and 2 seconds. This was for a full disc of the series Nip Tuck. I had to do some compression with DVD shrink and so you know it was a full disc. On other discs I have made it took less time because the movies didn’t use the full capacity. It said 12x I just want to know if that is really what it was burning at. Maybe it was really burning at 10x based on that list of speeds to time you posted. It was definately under 8 minutes as the average 8x drive burns.

12x sounds ok. Look here for instructions on how the display the current burning speed with nero.

TYG02 = Taiyo Yuden. Excellent media, no wonder it plays well :wink:

I have the btc1016im with firm A07m, nero and win2k. I confirm what skyvader wrote, here is what dvdinfopro says:

                        Media Information                            

Region information N/A not a DVD-VIDEO
Media code/Manufacturer ID MCC A01
Format Capacity 4.33GB(4.65GB)
Book Type DVD-ROM
Media Type DVD+RW
Media Id Code Speed 2.4x 3324KBps
BG Format Status Suspended
Data area starting sector 30000h
Data area end sector 22A690h
Linear Density 0.267um/bit
Track Density 0.74um/track
Number of Layers 1

I just picked up some 4x +R that have an ID of LD S03. Are these Lead Data? They look like they will burn at 8x instead. According to DVDinfopro they will do 8x as well as 4x. Even Nero shows 8x for the burn. Are they good quality like TYG or are they crap?

ala42, thanks for that tip. Turns out the discs burn at 7.8x max speed even though it says 8x. The actual burn speed tip is really cool. I tried a couple of these discs and they burned perfectly. They don’t like my Toshiba SD2300 player (it likes -R better) but all my other players like these discs.

yea, GQ uses that media code media i have about 12 left in my spindle, work great for the price 30 censts or less a slice