1016IM and CD writing

I just got the 1016IM (what WAS I thinking!!) upgraded to the M software version. OK success so far on DVDs (8 success, 1 coaster), but have 100% failure on CDs. The CDs I have are by Lead Data, and carry the GQ brand. 52x rated, bought from Fry’s. They worked great on my old 1004IM (which I gave to my son), but will not burn successfully on my 1016IM. First clue something is wrong is that they only burn at 8x or 16x. DVDInfoPro confirms this. I guess the 1016 firmware does not include this CD? Odd, since their 1004 firmware does!! When I try to burn at 16x, it seems to go OK, but the disk is totally unreadable by anything.

ANy ideas, other than I am really really stupid to not only buy 1 but 2 BTC products!!

Make shure DMA is enabled.

Thanks, ala42, for the recommendation. Yes, DMA is enabled so that is not the issue. DVDs write just fine. Just this batch of CDs will not write. I am guessing the firmware does not support this CD. Odd that the 1004IM worked fine with this batch of CDs.