1016 btc drive and prodiscr03 media

burnt at 8x on btc 1016 drive, but scanned on my liteon 1633s

here it is

really good

I´m surprised about the good quality with that not so good media :rolleyes:

Do you make some scans with other media?

prodisc isnt bad media, at least in my exprince’s

the only media this drive 1016 doesnt like is the cmc spindle i have, :slight_smile: so i am happy, this drive even burns the cheap vangaurd 4x dvd-r good :slight_smile:

50 bucks was well spent, althou i dont use this drive to burn a lot, as my liteon gets used the most :slight_smile: but still nice to know this drive isnt crap how most people who dont have one think it is

I don´t say that Prodisc is bad, but you can get better media :slight_smile:

Nice to hear that the 1016 is better than I read in the cdrinfo-forum :slight_smile:

yea, but for the price i pay for the prodisc its a great deal for the media :slight_smile:

i wont buy ritek disc’s tho, just because personal prefrence :slight_smile:

and i try to stay away from +r cmc, althou there -r media i do use

but i buy verbatim media mostly, there 16x media is a good price now :slight_smile:

Recentrly tried out a stores own brand… Went for like $1.

Try first disk I note MCC the second disk Ritek -> crap
Third disk a MCC again.I thought what is up with that.

The verbatim I checked out is also MCC.