100pk Slim Jewel Cases $2.49 shipped at Staples.com

Staples has these for sale for $2.49: http://www.staples.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StaplesProductDisplay?PID=1225267&jspStoreDir=Staples&catalogId=10051&productId=15841&cmArea=SEASONAL&noredir=true&langId=-1&SID=sduidpt&siteSection=specials&AID=10427430&storeId=10001&ddkey=StaplesBeFree

Go sign up for Staples Rewards first, and you’ll be eligible for free shipping: https://www.staplesrewardscenter.com/SORC/UserManagement/Enrollment/StaplesRewardsEnrollment.aspx

If you put in your Rewards number and it doesn’t automatically remove shipping charges, just call 1-800-3STAPLE and they will remove shipping costs for you.

holy crap that’s a deal! thanks for the info.

not sure if you can use it on THIS particular item since it’s so cheap, but the staples ink coupons work online. you have to go to the store to get the coupon, but if you type the coupon code in online you get $3 off. maybe if you add a cheap item like a pen or something to bring the total to just over $3 it will work.

I believe people over at SlickDeals had no problem using ink coupons on this. And if you wanna bring the price up, you could always order more jewel cases. :wink:

i almost paid the $15 per 100 that was in the in-store ad this week.

i needed some, but only about 25 or so so i was trying to justify to myself buying so many, but this deal rules.

i don’t have any ink coupons hanging around and i’m too lazy to actually go to the store to exchange ink cartridges i have hanging around for one…I think I’ll live with paying $2.50 for 100 cases haha

is the offer for online only or also good for store pickup? i hate the store in my area i’m sure they will come up with some lame excuse not to honor it.

Print it out and have them pricematch it. The only reason I see them having an issue with this is that the same product is in their ad for significantly more ($15). Good Luck.

you could try to PM it at the store. the in-store price is $15 for this item though

That’s a crazy price. The shipping cost alone must be that much.

you get free shpiping if you’re a staples rewards member and becoming a rewards member is free…you can sign up in 2 seconds online.

if you’re not a rewards member, shipping is like $8 haha

sweet deal signed up for free rewards and got the shipping waived. had to play around with the personal settings for few min but all is good. down for 2. slick deal indeed

It’s already showing as Out of Stock! :sad:

yikes! i almost waited until tomorrow too!

they might still price match it in store if you print out the online price. worth a try.

Seems we missed it. I saved it as a favorite and will see if it it gets back in stock soon.

check their PM policy
Staple PM Policy

note this line
What if I find a lower price at Staples?

If you find a lower price in one of our stores, catalogs or on Staples.com®, we’ll match the lower price, however the additional 10% of the price difference does not apply. If an item is marked “clearance”, the clearance price is only valid for in stock product that is marked at that clearance price.

Print out their policy and item web page and stick it to them

I got the last two in my store pricematched to the web price with no problems.

Me too! :stuck_out_tongue:
Great find tehGrue! :clap: :clap:

Thank You, Thank you, just got 4 boxes, a lil hard time from the manager but I got em.

I just 4 boxes too
the manager almost had a MI
kept saying it is a web error
but I pointed out to him

  1. by 500 pm HQ would have told him to put up in store error sign
  2. that it actually said $22.50 instant savings as opposed to a simple cut in price
    Says " I give it to you but it is an error :sad: "
    wanted last word
    I took the goods and I let him :bigsmile:

i had fun reading those comments. i rather not deal with the managers since i had my past battles with them too. its weird today they had 2 great deals/price mistakes?? on office depot for HP laptop and western digital 160 IDE that ppl cashed on on slick deals. wait and see if they go thru.I think they will have to do mass cancellations in the next day or two. I got my popcorn ready for the show.lol.

Out of Stock :sad: