100pk Fuji DVD+R

Does anyone know what the media code is on these discs? They are on sale for 100 bucks / 100 pk at Best Buy. What are most of the Fuji discs? (I know the 10pk -R are TY, but most everything else was something made in taiwan)

I bought some FujiFilm DVD+R & mfg is Ricoh & code is
“Ricohjpn R00” here in Canada on Dec.26/03 for use with my Plextor PX-708A I also bought some DVD-R also FujiFilm, mfg is “TY01”, are of excellent quality as no coasters as of yet but unfortunatly the +R are ONLY 2.4X & yet the -R’s are 4X. I got them on sale for only $9.95cdn but now the price is $18.95cdn for the same 5 pack as of Feb 25/04.

The easiest way to tell is by whether or not it’s TY is to check where it’s made.
AFAIK if the package says made in Japan on it they should be TY :smiley: Can someone verify this?

Sseth, by gosh yer right, i just looked on the FujiFilm box & it says Japan for the -R’s & for the +R’s it Tiawan.

The 100-ct spindles may be different media than 50-ct or 25-ct, but all the others are Ricoh JPNR-01 for 4x media, JPNR-00 for 2.4x.

rdgrimes looks like you hit the nail right on the head (as usual). Good thing I put in the AFAIK :stuck_out_tongue:


Ricoh media is still pretty darn good and would be my second choice behind TY.

It’s not hard to find the Ricoh at under $1 per disc.

Some people like to be able to shop at a local chain rather then on the internet. BestBuy is a quality store.

But yes it can be found for that price and/or cheaper on the internet.

Myself I would feel anxious about buying a whole 100 unless I could return if after testing a few out.

Even though Ricoh is good media, you just never know sometimes.
Stick with 25-50 packs and the risk is at least minimized. But that’s just me.


Did you start using the discs? What mfr did they turn out to be?

(=is it safe to open mine? :slight_smile: )

EDIT: They turned out to be RicohJpn01s. Burning quite nicely @8x on 851S, hacked 0A.


what ive found about fuji media. You can have 2 packages with the same bar code. One could be 2.4x one could be 4x. The package MUST SAY 4x!!! for it to work at 4x (and 8x on some writers like the 708a)

i bought 2 25 packages of fuji once at the same time. i figured same product same bar code same media right? WRONG one was 4x as it said on the box (and the disks btw) and one was 2.4x (when it didn’t say)

Course i didn’t feel like returning it a 2nd time. i try to burn all my dvd’s at 4x or about there for compatibility issues (besides i had just returned it for some imation disks which had the smae issue (besides being CMC made /yuck)

I don’t assume anything is 4x unless it says it on the packaging–regardless of part number, etc. If it promises 4x on the packaging, you’ve got a leg to stand on. Much less so if all you can complain about is, “Dude–but it said on the Internet!”

Just last night, I bought some Verbatims at Office Depot without a speed printed on the packaging. The Office Depot guy promised they were 4x, and that he’d take 'em back if they weren’t.

As it turns out, they’re 2.4x, and are going back this weekend!

Un-rated media has always been 2.4x speed, regardless of the brand.

That’s a great thing to know–thanks!