100pk - DVD-R RITEK G05 - $30.60 w/ free shipping

I read this and bought 200 of these yesterday. I was gonna pull the trigger on the Verbatims at Ammy but I haven’t had as good of luck with Verbatim as I have Ritek so I went with these for about the same price. Anyone else who loves Ritek and not had any issues will like this - I believe it was $30.60 per 100 pack using a coupon at checkout “DOTW10” which took off an extra 10 percent. My total for 200 of these puppies was $61.20 - which included the free shipping. I should have them this Tuesday - can’t wait, i’ve only got 10 DVD-R’s left. :slight_smile:

OH, here’s the link BTW: http://www.shop4tech.com/user.htm?go=view_item&id=2764&cata=1&s_cata=88

can you print on these w/inkjet?? I’ve had these before, they’re great media :slight_smile: if I can print on 'em, I’d order 200.

May I ask what burner and firmware you are using to get a great result from Ritek G-05. I have had very bad experiences with them, I have 4 burners, 2 Necs 3520 and 40 and L.G. 4163B and Liteon 1673s, all of them get poor scans and will burn at no better than 6x, with Ritech G-05. The reason I ask is that Office Depot is selling Maxell dash(minus)8x media 17.99 for 50 and they ID to Riteck G-05.

I’ve got a couple BenQ DW1620 running 1625 firmware… it won’t overspeed, but burns better with most media. Also a Pioneer DVR-A09XL, but I haven’t tried the Ritek in it (yet!).

the FW for 1625 is compatable with 1620 drive?? Interesting. If you wait for the amazon to have the verbatim in stock, just $5 more per spindle, you are guaranteed to have decent media. Verbatim quality is very consistent and not varies much from batch to batch. For G05, the quality varies greatly and I would not wanna juggle with that.

Hmm why not buy Taiyo Yuden value line cheaper and you can overspin them to 12X http://www.shop4tech.com/item3007.html I do with my BenQ 1620 just use the TYG02 media code on it. This is one of the results of the disc I got from there at 12x with WOPC off. I got batch GD000267 and GD000272. Why get the Ritek when you can use the same coupon code and get Taiyo Yuden instead.

Here’s a 8x scan of a Ritek G05 I burned especially for you :slight_smile:

A special on Riteks will depend on what burner people use, I suspect. Riteks do good on my px-716a, although they seem to do better on my Pioneer DVR-108. Also, Ritek’s quality in terms of their spindles is sometimes a toss-up. I’m toward the bottom of my 2nd 50 pk, and I’m finding although they burn ok in my px-716a, their quality varies, and you can’t always write them at rated speed; you usually have to write them one speed below (8x at 6x) b/c of the quality variance.

I just got some Verbatim DVD+R 8x from Amazon, but have yet to burn any. I can say my Fuji 8x DVD+R Made in Japan y000t02-00 mids are stellar compared to the Riteks and those TYs are superior in PIE and PIF. What it comes back to is testing your burns for jitter, PIE, PIF to see which disks burn with best results on your computer, so you know which media is better. :wink: