100min tx cd

I was surprised when I found 100min (!) media in a local store (Dynabyte; for dutch people nice to know). I bought there some tx 100min & 90min cdr media. When I tried to write onto the 90min media the burn quality of it dissapoints me. Lots of C2 errors according to Nero CDspeed -> CD Quality Check. (on plextor 241040ta & LiteOn LTR-52246S & Pioneer DVD-116)
I have burned the cd’s on both 16x and 32x, but no difference in errors.
The 100min cd media was surprisingly better quality. Although I was only able to read up to 98.22 min, the burning quality is pretty good. I thought there were only poor quality 100min media!
BTW, on tx’s website (www.txeurope.com) the 100min cd is not listed, but only a 99min cd is shown.

The ATIP of the 90min media:
97m27s19f; unknown (CDspeed); CDtech, OfficeDepot (SmartBurn)

The ATIP of the 100min media:
97m27s19f; Plasmon (CDspeed), unknown (SmartBurn)

My LiteOn 52246s (6S0D) makes sometimes strange noises while recognizing the burned 90min cd and while burning the LED turns orange for no reason (all f/w). I won’t recommend anyone this CD’s.

Isn’t it strange I can’t read up the full 99.5 minutes of the CD I burned, but only up to 98.22.60? My Pioneer DVD-116 and my standalone dvd-player (Pioneer DVD-454) can both read no further than 78minutes!
Does anyone have any more experience with these media and their compatiblity?