100GB disappeared

Hy there. I installed windows 7 on my Latop and deleted all drives , created new. But I left 100GB un-assigned. Now its not showing it. I tried to create again by partition manager but its not working. Any ideas of getting it back?

Which partition manager? Since Vista, the windows partition manager allows you to resize.
Did you format the drives during the Win 7 install?

Yeah I formated the drives and I’m using win 7 now…

[QUOTE=unclebob619;2471402]Yeah I formated the drives and I’m using win 7 now…[/QUOTE]

Not sure what the problem might be, you can’t format the drive unless it’s partitioned first. Do you get some sort of error message when you try to resize the partiton?

Thanks mate…I just re-assigened all my drives again…:slight_smile: