100GB Blu-ray from Verbatim



Verbatim is introducing 100GB Blu-ray recordable discs into Europe; the discs will run on BDXL-compatible readers and writers and are certified by the BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association). “Verbatim’s 100GB BDXL Blu-ray Discs are ideal for all professionals dealing with image or file production that need high-capacity discs for archiving purposes,” explains Rüdiger Theobald, EMEA Marketing Director at Verbatim.

“Consumers can rely on meticulous quality controls during our manufacturing process to ensure Verbatim’s Blu-ray products will never fail to disappoint. Backed by the expertise of Verbatim’ s parent company Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, Verbatim remains the number one optical storage media brand worldwide.”

The high capacity recordable discs enable users to backup high resolution photography, music or HD video files at 4x write speed, and provide a capacity to store over 40,000 photos, 20,000 songs or 8 hours of HD video.

In Japan, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media also plans to introduce a professional 100GB ‘Enterprise Grade’ BD-R BDXLTM developed especially for digital archiving of corporate documents.



Hmmmm, interesting for a news post, so there were only 100GB discs in Japan and the US?


The only XL (or 100 GB) BD-R media available in Europe are made by TDK.
I wonder how much those Verbatims will cost and what their quality would be like.


According to a Dutch site, €45 a piece :wink: I’ll post about it on the news, thanks for the tip!


http://www.myce.com/news/verbatim-brings-100-gb-blu-ray-discs-to-europe-64406/ :wink: